The Love Unfeigned Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O yonge fresshe folkes he or sheA
In which that love up groweth with your ageB
Repeyreth hoom from worldly vaniteeC
And of your herte up casteth the visageD
To thilke god that after his imageD
Yow made and thinketh al nis but a fayreE
This world that passeth sone as floures fayreE
And loveth him the which that right for loveF
Upon a cros our soules for to beyeG
First starf and roos and sit in hevene a boveH
For he nil falsen no wight dar I seyeG
That wol his herte al hoolly on him leyeG
And sin he best to love is and most mekeI
What nedeth feyned loves for to sekeI

Geoffrey Chaucer


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