Monument Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I built myself a monument eternal and miraculousA
It's higher than the Pyramids than metal it is harderB
Swift winds and thunder cannot knock it downC
The flight of time cannot demolish itD
Thus I won't really die The part of me that's largestE
Will baffle death and will escape decayF
My fame will grow and never witherB
As long as Slavs are honored in this worldG
And word of me shall spread from the White Sea to the BlackH
Where Volga Don Neva and Ural rivers flowI
Each member of the countless tribes will knowI
How from obscurity I found my way to fameJ
By daring first in lively Russian speechK
To celebrate the virtues of FelitsaA
To talk of God with intimate simplicityL
And with a smile announce the truth to kingsA
O Muse take pride in your well earned rewardsA
Disdain all those who show disdain for youM
And with an easy and unhurried handN
With dawn eternal crown your browO

Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin


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