God Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O Thou who's infinite in spaceA
Alive in ever moving matterB
Eternal in the flow of timeC
God faceless with a trinity of facesD
Soul unified and omnipresentE
Who needs no place or reasonF
Whom none can ever comprehendG
Whose being permeates all thingsH
Encompassing creating guardingI
Thou called by us GodJ
Although a great mind might contriveK
To fix the ocean's depthsL
To count the sands the rays of starsM
Thou can't be summed or fixedN
Enlightened souls who have emergedO
From your creative lightP
Cannot begin to grasp your waysQ
Our thought alone aspires to theeR
But in your magnitude is lostS
A moment in eternityR
From depths eternal thou invokedT
Primordial substances of chaosU
Within thine very self thou birthedT
Eternity before all timeC
And before time from thine self aloneV
Thou shinest forth within thyselfK
All light originates in theeR
Creating all with but a single wordT
And reaching forth in new creationF
Thou wast thou art and thou will ever beR
Thou incarnate the chain of lifeK
Thou nourish and sustain itT
Thou joinest starts with endsW
Thou bringest life to all through deathX
New suns are born from theeR
In flowing streams of sparksY
As on a clear and freezing dayT
A hoarfrost dusting shinesZ
And floats and churns and sparklesA2
As do the stars beneath thy vaultT
A multitude of shining spheresB2
Floats off into infinityR
They all fulfill thy lawsC2
And cast their vivifying raysQ
But all these brilliant lanternsD2
This mass of glowing crystalE2
This roiling crowd of golden wavesF2
These burning elementsG2
Or all these gleaming worlds as oneF
Compare to thee like night to dayT
Compared to thee the earthly realmH2
Is like a droplet in the seaR
What is this universe I seeR
And what am I compared to theeR
If in this airy sea I wishI2
To multiply a million worldsJ2
By other worlds a hundred timesK2
Then venture to compare the sum to theeR
All this would be a tiny speckL2
So I compared to thee am naughtT
I'm Naught But thou shinest through meR
With all the splendor of your virtueT
Thou showest yourself through meR
Like sun inside a tiny water dropM2
I'm Naught But still I can feel lifeK
Like something hungering I flyN2
I'm always soaring high aboveK
To be with you is my soul's wishI2
It contemplates reflects and thinksO2
If I exist thou art as wellP2
Thou art As nature's order showsQ2
My heart affirms the same to meR
My reason's sure of itT
Tho art And I'm no longer naughtT
A fraction of the universe's wholeR2
It seems that I repose in nature'sS2
Critical center where you startedT
With the creation of corporeal beastsT2
And ended with the heav'nly spiritsU2
Through me you fused the chain of lifeK
I am the link of all existing worldsJ2
I am the outer brink of matterB
I am the focal point of living thingsH
I am the starting place of the divineV2
Although my flesh rots into ashW2
My mind commands the thunderboltsH
I'm king I'm slave I'm worm I'm GodT
But though I am miraculousH
Whence did I come that no one knowsH
I could not by myself have risenF
Creator I am your inventionF
I am a creature of your wisdomX2
O source of life bestower of blessingsH
My soul and kingI
According to your iron lawsH
My self eternal must needs passH
Across the borne of deathX
My spirit's clothed in mortal garbY2
And I return through death aloneV
To your eternity O fatherB
Thou art inscrutable transcendentT
I understand that all my soul'sH
Imaginings are powerlessH
Your shadow to describeZ2
But when thou must be glorifiedT
To pay such tribute we frail menA3
One course alone can followB3
We venture upwards to thy realmH2
To lose ourselves in thy vast othernessH
And shed our tears of gratitudeT

Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin


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