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  • Exploring Dark Realms
    Darkness fills the sunny tops .
    Fluttering butterflies stunned from disbelief ,
    A bridge breaks to hold the cradle,
    From within , the sparrow squeaks into the silence. ...
  • The Last Sunlight
    I got up
    Removing my blindfold
    I opened my eyes
    I pulled aside the windowshades to see the rising sun. ...
  • Rattling Stones
    Frames stagnant in time,
    New worlds reveal closed doors.
    Colourful fruits infested with wicked worms,
    Wriggling out to their sunny doom. ...
  • End Of The Cavern
    Fried meat with a splash of garnish,
    Heated conversations in a playground,
    Raising toast to their friendship,
    They depart on a pony. ...
  • Standing Tall - A Lockdown Poem
    Delicate strands of a spider web,
    Woven to entrap a weakling.
    Dreams build with years of penance,
    Torn apart for a lifetime of disappointment. ...
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