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Killingyouguy: On the right is Van He’ll Sing. On the left is a photo of Gary Oldman that I edited to have Van’s headgear. It’s pretty close tbh.

CJettNYC: Thinking about the mobilization to deny Gary Oldman an Oscar tonight... I miss those days

irobots: That look did not get me the Label item. I’m looking like Gary Oldman’s Dracula and it still wasn’t a winning look!? Wtf?! I did get it with the fairy tale look.

MrSuperJay: The GOAT. Gary Oldman. 2 villains, 2 heroes.

picklewhiskey: every time i remember that’s gary oldman plaging Zorg in the fifth element i LMAO

MovieReviewBot2: Including a cast with Eminem and Gary Oldman, Zayn Malik will do anything to get out of this sock drawer. (☆☆☆☆☆)

254hub: Gary Oldman won an Oscar for his tour de force performance as Winston Churchill in the acclaimed historical drama Darkest Hour, which also won an Oscar for Best Make-up (Oldman’s transformation must be seen to be believed), and earned a further four nominations, including for…


DrLoveless555: Gary Oldman, please adopt me.

RuthDelgado72: I have a serious crush on Gary Oldman

isearch247: Oscars 2021 are less than a week away: Our predictions for who will win -

ProfDaveAndress: Consider, for example, the place of "debauching Moroccan boys" in *Prick Up Your Ears*...

right_movies: Fantastic behind the scenes rehearsal footage of Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder working on BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA.

vivienne_delrey: Gary Oldman & Meryl Streep

DUNENATION: every time i talk about how much i hate gary oldman my mom immediately brings up my love for sirius black THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

blakeistaco: Is this thread just dedicated to Gary Oldman or...

junichiixo: you could put gary oldman’s whole career on shuffle and all of his roles would qualify

Matt_Berry23: Gary Oldman as Dracula and then as Jim Gordon in the Batman trilogy

tajipong: who is your favorite? my guess is Anthony Hopkins how about you? RIZ AHMED - Sound of Metal CHADWICK BOSEMAN - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ANTHONY HOPKINS -The Father GARY OLDMAN - Mank STEVEN YEUN - Minari

florianholguin: My babe Gary Oldman

AlwaysAnthea: Just found out that big Mo from eastEnders is siblings with Gary oldman

TheNerdyRocker: My tweet on Gary Oldman is still getting attention, and it just makes me want to watch Léon: The Professional.

Aliabdulraman7: My oscar predictions: *Best picture:(mank) *Best director:david fincher(mank) *Best actor in a leading role:chadwick boseman(ma rainey’s black bottom) and a little competition from gary oldman. *Best actress in a leading role:frances mcdormand(nomadland

prrsephofknees: My claim to fame? Same star chart as Gary Oldman

PowerPuci: Gary Oldman's best work.

George_C_Owens: Talking about understanding the assignment without talking about Gary Oldman is a crime.

PrinceStylez: Gary Oldman Commissioner Gordon - the Dark Knight trilogy Stansfield - Leon the Professional

TheDietIsOff: Gary Oldman

orphanrefugee: Gary Oldman as Dracula and Commissioner Gordon.

dave_schilling: Gary Oldman is the best answer.

kennypalermo: Gary Oldman .. Gary .. Oldman. On set - Leon (1994).

erikkain: I'm convinced that Tombstone was made just to give Val Kilmer all the best lines and highlight what a brilliant actor he is. Gary Oldman is the only other actor I can imagine pulling off Doc Holliday so well.

nannarkin: Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, Mads Mikkelsen, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, Glenn Close, Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Day-Lewis.

TheNerdyRocker: Gary Oldman is just the best.

deanfbuckley: every tweet complaining about Gary Oldman playing a much younger man in Mank is belied by any picture of Herman Mankiewicz

melonstem: gary oldman has cop energy

Malenasauria: Lo bien que me cae Gary Oldman.

_drei: I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise (I stopped reading after Book 4), but I saw all films. Book 3 was a very satisfying read, with Sirius Black as my favourite character played by the awesome Gary Oldman, in a film directed by the great Alfonso Cuaron.

canadianbloxTV: Ranking best actor nominees! 5. Steven Yeun 4. Riz Ahmed 3. Gary Oldman 2. Chadwick Boseman 1. Anthony Hopkins

amoviepitchbot: Gary Oldman and Jennifer Jason Leigh live a happily married life until they find Mads Mikkelsen's dead body inside their house in this David O. Russel movie

fvgron: me mandaram o nome do gary oldman

ChuckNasti: Do you know who Gary Oldman is?? Trying to get to the bottom of this

david_cornelius: Gary Oldman as Mank: I'm 43 Me, watching Mank: I beg to differ

MattDeLuca: Gary Oldman - Norman Stansfield and Winston Churchill

obiwanKEN_: I really enjoyed this thread. Gary Oldman and James Earl Jones selections are my personal favs.

TonyRoedema: Just getting clips of Gary Oldman yelling things in Leon the Professional on my youtube feed

SidiousStrange: The easy answer here is Gary Oldman. He has played many iconic villains (from Dracula to Stansfield and Zorg) as well as beloved characters like Sirius Black and James Gordon... he can do it all.

StormieBreaks: Finally got around to watching State of Grace and was absolutely blown away. Between Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, John Turturro, and Ed Harris, I can’t say enough about how brilliant this movie was. And that final shootout! God damn!

gebianca: Literally the entire career of Gary Oldman

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals". Gary Oldman (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

katzrkool19: Gary Oldman?

nathanferreirax: Melhor Roteiro Adaptado: 1) The Father 2) Nomadland 3) One Night in Miami 4) The White Tiger 5) Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Melhor Ator: 1) Anthony Hopkins 2) Chadwick Boseman 3) Riz Ahmed 4) Steven Yeun 5) Gary Oldman

DerFroschGott: Gary Oldman is pissed.

ScorpioDragon84: Gary Oldman, Sean Bean

dcodysweet: It still baffles me that Gary Oldman is playing a younger character than Amanda Seyfried in Mank.

ImNotTron: And then there's Gary Oldman...

normie_macdonal: Gary Oldman as George Smiley and as Norman Stansfield

Stwaberri_: Y’all want to talk about actors who understood the assignment but never mentioned Gary Oldman smh

campi3ell_soup: Gary Oldman The Fifth Element Hannibal (uncredited) Harry Potter series

atamerica: 2. Riz Ahmed - Sound of Metal (Photo Credit: Snap Crackle Pop/ShutterStock) 3. Anthony Hopkins - The Father (Photo Credit: Debby Wong/ShutterStock) 4. Gary Oldman - Mank (Photo Credit: DFree/ShutterStock) 5. Steven Yeun - Minari (Photo Credit: DFree/ShutterStock)

Mauty480: There’s probably a dozen movies where Gary Oldman has been both of these

MadWolfman: The Vampire's Ghost (1945) - European Vampire in Gary Oldman glasses moves to an African port. Neat little movie. It has some of the usual stereotypes, but It was refreshing to see a heroic black man among the protagonists. Also got some Lewton vibes with the noir lighting.

quirkymaverick1: Speaking of Jack Black, there was one point in time where I ended up memorizing the dialogue between him and Gary Oldman in Kung Fu Panda 2 (Po confronting Lord Shen scene) because HBO kept showing that on TV.

GreeneyedCatG: Gary Oldman :3

inyourlips: Can someone pls tell me what Gary Oldman did /gen /srs

AJ__TheJetPlane: It’s been 10 minutes and I’ve seen Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Winona Ryder, and KEANU REEVES.

davidcbrink: 8. MANK Nomination 2: Gary Oldman - Best Actor (1/2) Oldman gives a great performance that is full of wit and snappy dialogue. He is able to deliver what feels like two different characters between the alternating timelines. One so full of life and charm, and the other sick in

DatGreek: I'm almost through watching all the nominated movies for the year and I still cannot get myself excited for Mank despite loving Gary Oldman and David Fincher.

boozymoovreview: Gary Oldman plays the suicidal drunken sharp witted screen writer Herman J. Mankiewicz in Mank (2020). Orsen wells smashes a case of booze and its pretty sweet. Fooling one into a tie dip. Drunken rants that get you fired. Hollywood movies about Hollywood being suppressive?-16z's

JoeyImitatesArt: Gary Oldman all day

damnmarit33: Sober actor Gary Oldman on playing the drunk in 'Mank'

Robotron2084PSN: Gary Oldman does an impression of Anthony Hopkins

CBSNewsEnt: Gary Oldman slams political correctness, defends Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin.

TheSimonEvans: Watched "Immortal Beloved" last night, Gary Oldman as Beethoven. Nearly thirty years old. Wasn't expecting much tbh just wanted easy on the eye period drama and a few "imagine being at the premiere of that" moments but it's actually terrific.

LfcShaunjudge: OMG...... I’ve just googled Gary Oldman but forgot to put the R in Gary... Honestly the images that I saw will haunt me forever...

recastbot: JUSTICE LEAGUE RECAST: Chris Pratt as Superman, Gary Oldman as Batman, Willem Dafoe as The Flash, Kate Winslet as Wonder Woman, Brad Pitt as Aquaman and Mads Mikkelsen as Cyborg

ChadSchimke: Gary Oldman – Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) Dracula on my blog

EzraCubero: MANK is nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor (Gary Oldman), Supporting Actress (Amanda Seyfried), Cinematography, Costumes, Make-Up, Production Design, Score and Sound. Does it deserve to win any of them? Vote in the ballot below!

santioi79: Sir Gary Oldman

zackfrom704: Gary Oldman in Leon The Professional was next level

xandyeugh: Casey Affleck Joaquin Phoenix Daniel Day Lewis Matthew McConaughey Colin Firth Leonardo DiCaprio Gary Oldman Jean Dujardin Eddie Redmayne Rami Malek

drenophobia: Darkest Hour. Gary Oldman plays Churchill perfectly, and his speeches are just...

ryancphoto: So cool that Gary Oldman was a South East London boy. Born in New Cross, school in Deptford, studied acting in Greenwich. In true SE16 fashion, supported Millwall. Wonder if he had countless nights smoking cigarettes on the balcony at the Angel, watching the tides come and go.

jamie_graham9: On a nostalgia jag at the mo. Watching a lot of ‘90s action movies. Good ones, bad ones, average ones. Just revisited Air Force One, and my overriding question is, why the hell would you invite Gary Oldman onto your plane?

SenorMustachio: Best Actor nominee Gary Oldman in MANK (Fincher, 2020)

TrpleThreat: Best Actor: 1. Chadwick Boseman, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom 2. Anthony Hopkins, The Father 3. Riz Ahmed, Sound of Metal 4. Steven Yeun, Minari 5. Gary Oldman, Mank

the_real_TFB: Screenshots from:

WillSquirrelson: I thought Gary Oldman was a leftist? Anyway, yeah we love Mel Gibson.

celebinsiderbot: Say it's not so! Gary Oldman has given up on dreams of winning an Oscar because Fleetwood Mac thinks they can restring a Spanish guitar with just their anus!

seni_bock: i could take Gary Oldman in the squared circle

GlazedTweets: *gary oldman impression*

JJfromKansas: Both Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman get their amazing hero cred from the same place but take your pick on their villains.

MKupperman: Universally despised actor Mel Gibson said Jews control everything, universally lauded actor Gary Oldman said “He just said what we’re all thinking, the poor boy"

chiniejamaican: Gary Oldman has been so many characters I had to google image search what he normally looks like and it’s more or less Jim Gordon lol

ArtieChuckles: Coppola’s Dracula is sooooo underrated IMHO. It’s really a brilliant film and an homage to classic film techniques and camera work. Besides that Gary Oldman is phenomenal in the role.

SdSweene: So this spyro the dragon game starts elijah wood, david spade, and gary oldman. Neato

DearCastandCrew: Edward Norton turned down a role in this film and was replaced by Gary Oldman

doriahcarey: award such performances, see Gary Oldman, Renee Zellweger & Rami Maleck for recent years. To make a contra argument here; it’s not a very showy performance. Don’t get me wrong, she has an extremely strong presence in the film, but she doesn’t have that many scenes. One could

sunnyright: Gary Oldman can be in a movie for 20 seconds and be memorable from it.

sunnyright: Gary Oldman. Zero doubt.

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