Are some people born cursed
Are some people born
Halfway, incomplete and worthless
I am an unfinished painting
A painting that is seen
And scourned
A painting that does not
Represent beauty
A painting that represents
A painting whose artist
Is misfortune
You can see his name engraved on my legs.

How can a man who can't stand
On his own two feet
Stand tall and proud
How can he look useful
When his legs are useless
I am seen as a defective machine
A machine that is incapable
Of fulfilling any task
A prototype of a human being
A disadvantaged man placed
In a disadvantaged place
A man physically designed to be poor
A man who can never earn a living
A man whose life is not worth living.

I have one blessing in life
A friend who never leaves my side
A truly noble man who lacks pride
A friend proud to walk with and incomplete being
A friend who calls me the greatest thing
A friend who calls me brother
He is my strength
Even though he is weak as well
He is dying
But he wants me to keep living
His blood screams in pain
I pray that one day
His leukaemia is slain
He would leave his death bed
For me to rest in peace
This man should not know death
I am the one who should be on his last breath.

A crippled man can't work forever
Even in all my endeavours
They saw me as a liability
I am gone weight
A man with no purpose
A crippled man
Whose life is worthless .

My life was coming to a close
When the leukemia took
What mattered most
The ground wailed for me
Knowing that my brother
Will return to the soil
I remember his first words to me
''Paul keep on living '', he said
Now I stare at his lifeless corpse
Wishing it was me who death took
I am just a crippled man
Nothing but broken bones
Why should I live when
The one who kept me alive is gone
Why should I stay in a world
With no love for the crippled
Without my brother
I am truly incomplete.