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tropicalcamatte: imagine writing this shit about the country of Isabel Allende, Roberto Bolaño, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro, Nicanor Parra and Pedro Lemebel Chile, which is literally nicknamed “the land of poets”. Lmao

BooksLatino: Gabriela Mistral By Denis O'Leary.

allrestaurants0: MODO CAFE (COFFEE SHOP)⠀ ⠀ Address: Gabriela Mistral 2502, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA⠀ ⠀


mielgirltwt: las cartas entre gabriela mistral y doris dana... damn these bitches sapphic

WomensLetters: “Day by day and hour by hour, I have lived in a high tension made by the obsessive presence of your face, of a tremendous and burning memory of the days that I lived with you since I saw you enter my house”. Gabriela Mistral to Doris Dana

DrLauraMarkham: "Many things can wait. The child cannot. To him, we cannot say tomorrow. His name is today." - Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral

pauljimerson: It’s the birthday of poet and politician Pablo Neruda, born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, Parral, Chile (1904).As a boy, he read all the time and wrote poetry. Even though his father disapproved of his writing he kept doing it, and he was encouraged by the poet Gabriela Mistral

thewritingcham3: Beauty… is the shadow of God on the universe. Gabriela Mistral

PoetNotRockStar: “To soften my pain, to magnify the light with it” — Gabriela Mistral

csoppenhuizen: I would love to know more about the brief history of Editora Nacional Quimantú. I only have the basics: it was Editorial Zig-Zag, then purchased by the UP gov't, closed and materials destroyed during the coup and then re-opened as Editorial Nacional Gabriela Mistral.

Rubinadilaikem1: “Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral, Desolacíon HOTTEST DIVA RUBINA

jess_sequeira: Who are these writers? Help me fill in the blanks . . . row one: Michel Foucault, (2), (3) row two: Jorge Teillier, (5), (6), Wisława Szymborska row three: Fernando Pessoa, Julio Cortázar, (10), Walter Benjamin, Gabriela Mistral

shersher_losenp: 4 of 5 stars to Madwomen by Gabriela Mistral

shersher_losenp: “now i am going to learn the sour country, and unlearn your love which was my only language, like a river that forgets its current, bed, and banks.” — gabriela mistral

yvsoul4: carol (the movie) its literally about gabriela mistral and doris dana

AHA1R: The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral

PrensaEc1: This thread can be read here:

Radiocom1G: popular Hubble Palette. For some, the celestial landscape of bright ridges of emission bordered by cool, obscuring dust along the right side create a recognizable face in profile. The region's popular name is the Gabriela Mistral Nebula for the Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet.

snowcutieeee: "I only have you. Take care yourself for me. And I will take care of myself for you." — Gabriela Mistral, from a letter to Doris Dana c. April 1949

juliad444: Many things we need can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time their bones are formed, and mind developed. To them we cannot say tomorrow, their name is today. - Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: This was the poem seven years ago: The Stranger by Gabriela Mistral

GardenofDea: “Did I live with you in a past life? Was I your lifelong partner? Is that why the idea of losing you torments me so much? How long have I been without you?” -Gabriela Mistral, from a letter to Doris Dana c. January 1950

carylloper: Beauty... is the shadow of God on the universe ~ Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: Poem of the day before: The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral

thepluralofu: gabriela mistral, from a letter (april, 1949) // bts, magic shop

a_lutacontinua: 25-meter long mural at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), designed in 2012 (Santiago, Chile) // Created by the Brigada Ramona Parra (BRP), the muralist collective of the Communist Youth of Chile (JJCC of PCCh) Depicts students, the indigenous Mapuche, fishing, & mining

v_rossouw3: "A sweet perfume spreads its gentle scent." ~ Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: Yesterday's poem: The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: Here's another poem by Gabriela Mistral: The Stranger

SusanCEubank: 4 of 5 stars to Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral by Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: Today's poem: The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral

4f345: Sleepless (Gabriela Mistral) As I am a queen and I was a beggar, now I live in pure tremor that you leave me, and I ask you, pale, every hour: Are you still with me? Oh, don't go away! " 1/1

4f345: Sleepless (Gabriela Mistral) I would like to do the marches smiling and trusting now that you have come; but even in sleep I'm afraid and I ask between dreams: "Have you not gone?" 2/2

CRANENetworkUG: Many things we need can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time his bones are formed, his mind developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today.- Gabriela Mistral

SusanCEubank: On page 122 of 272 of Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral, by Gabriela Mistral

SusanCEubank: On page 90 of 272 of Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral, by Gabriela Mistral

WPCelebration: "Love beauty; it is the shadow of God on the universe." — Gabriela Mistral

zeus_cbqn: 10-4-1 CALLE HENRY WALLACE / CALLE GABRIELA MISTRAL B6,BX5 (17:17:42)


SusanCEubank: On page 37 of 272 of Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral, by Gabriela Mistral

4f345: The love that is silent-Gabriela Mistral If I hated you, my hate would give you in words, resounding and sure; But I love you and my love does not trust to this talk of men so dark! You would like it to become a scream, and it comes from so deep that it has undone 1/1

4f345: Love,love-Gabriela Mistral timid pleas, imperatives to love. It is not worth giving him a bold gesture, a serious frown: You will have to host it! He spends traces of owner; they do not make excuses for him. He rips flower glasses, clears the deep glacier. 2/2

4f345: Love,love-Gabriela Mistral He throws a linen bandage on you; you tolerate it; offers you the warm arm, you don't know how to run away. He starts walking, you follow him spellbound even if you saw That that stops in dying! 3/3

4f345: The love that is silent-Gabriela Mistral the burning stream of him, fainted, before the throat, before the chest. I am the same as a full pond and I seem to you an inert fountain. All for my troubled silence which is more atrocious than entering death! 2/2

caruso_09: “She grows solitary as a tree or as a creek nobody knows, walking thus between an end and a beginning as if ageless or in a dream.” — Gabriela Mistral, tr. by Randall Couch, From Madwomen: The Locas Mujeres Poems of Gabriela Mistral, a Bilingual Edition; “She who walks”

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral There are kisses that they pronounce by themselves the condemnatory love sentence, there are kisses that are given with the look there are kisses that are given with memory. There are silent kisses, noble kisses there are enigmatic kisses, sincere 1/1

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral there are kisses that only souls give each other there are kisses forbidden, true. There are kisses that burn and hurt, there are kisses that take away the senses, there are mysterious kisses that have been left a thousand wandering and lost dreams. 2/2

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral There are troublesome kisses that enclose a key that no one has cracked, there are kisses that engender tragedy how many brooch roses they have defoliated. There are scented kisses, warm kisses that throb in intimate longings, 3/3

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral there are kisses that leave traces on the lips like a field of sun between two ice. There are kisses that look like lilies for sublime, naive and for pure, there are treacherous and cowardly kisses, there are cursed and perjured kisses. 4/4

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral Judas kisses Jesus and leaves a print in his face of God the felony, while the Magdalena with her kisses piously fortify her agony. Since then in the kisses it beats love, betrayal and pain, in human weddings they look alike 5/5

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral to the breeze that plays with the flowers. There are kisses that produce ravings of fiery and crazy loving passion, you know them well, they are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth. Kisses of fire that in printed trace 6/6

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral they carry the furrows of a forbidden love storm kisses, wild kisses that only our lips have tasted. Do you remember the first ...? Indefinable; covered your face with livid blushes and in spasms of terrible emotion, your eyes filled with tears. 7/7

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral Do you remember that one afternoon in crazy excess I saw you jealous imagining grievances, I suspended you in my arms ... a kiss vibrated, and what did you see after ...? Blood on my lips. 8/8

4f345: Kisses- Gabriela Mistral I taught you to kiss: cold kisses they are of impassive heart of rock, I taught you to kiss with my kisses invented by me, for your mouth. 9/9

4f345: Wealth-Gabriela Mistral I have faithful bliss and the lost bliss: the one like rose, the other as a thorn. Of what they stole from me I was not dispossessed: I have faithful happiness and the lost happiness, and I'm rich in purple and melancholy. 1/1

alinastarkov: Marked as to-read: Madwomen by Gabriela Mistral

ZeeshanJaanam: The sky is helplessness if the moon falls to the sea. But I, the one who embraces you, I am not alone! —Gabriela Mistral

Feliberti: We must always look for the little ones, they are the future of humanity. (. Gabriela Mistral)

AstroUC: Both are usually confused as if they were the same object, and together they are called “Gabriela Mistral Nebula” due to the great resemblance to the Chilean poet, winner of the Literature Nobel Prize award in 1945.

AstroUC: The Gabriela Mistral nebula occupies a 12x15 arcminute field of view, much less than the Full Moon which occupies 30x30 arcminutes. Intense radiation from several of the massive blue and white stars in NGC 3324 has carved a cavity in the surrounding gas and dust.

chiquillaplanta: Its just the Gabriela Mistral resemblance ✨

haellas: i want to distill within me honey as the fruit does (gabriela mistral)

theeternalroad: Love beauty; it is the shadow of God on the universe. (Gabriela Mistral)

SamanthasLaw: “We are guilty of many errors and faults, / but our worst crime is abandoning the children, / denying them the fountain of life…” - Gabriela Mistral, “His Name is Today”

ExcitedUttRead: The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral - Poems |

jess_sequeira: To make reading something that one does every day, or as Alfonso Reyes puts it, "something as impossible to forget as washing one's hands". — Gabriela Mistral, "Passion for Reading"

MechaPosadist: yo since it's pride month i think it's a good time to remind you all that Gabriela Mistral, first Latin American recipient of a Nobel Literature Prize, was gay and had a partner named Doris Dana

pelaocarb: a leer

ic5rus: happy pride month to them, gabriela mistral and doris dana <3

PourquoiPasToi: The sea again, the singing, eternally new sea, its great light in my eye once more, and its gift of forgetfulness. Week-end. (Gabriela Mistral)

Rubaiat_Nahian: "Let the earth look at me, and bless me, for now I am fecund and sacred, like the palms and the furrows." — Gabriela Mistral Image: Marta Bevacqua Photography

ldkkei: Let the earth look at me, & bless me, for now I am fecund & sacred, like the palms & the furrows. ~Gabriela Mistral

GuyJobret: I forgot: the Mistral in Southern France! (Gabriela Mistral, famous Chilean author); the Cape Doctor in South Africa; the Fremantle Doctor (in, well, Fremantle); the Khamsin in Egypt (said to have caused the parting of the Red Sea in the Old Testament); the Pampero in Argentina

wilteddaffodils: hw for spanish class is a poem analysis (which btw last time it took me almost 5h to do the full thing lol so i'm not so excited about this hfjdk) and idk if i should pick blas de otero or gabriela mistral hmm

wilteddaffodils: why do i always pick the longer and more complicated one when i have the option,,, jk idc i just like gabriela mistral and la fuga is a pretty poem

Salimullah1958: Lord, you who taught, forgive me that I teach; forgive me that I bear the name of teacher, the name you bore on earth. --**Gabriela Mistral**, 'The Teacher's Prayer', trans. Doris Dana (Baltimore, Maryland,1971).

amaranthine05: Gabriela Mistral, from a letter to Doris Dana.

OctavioEsqueda: “Where there is a tree to plant, plant it yourself. Where there is a mistake to amend, you amend it. Where there is an effort that everyone dodges, do it yourself. Be the one who moves the stone out of the way. " Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet

dontharrisme: I haven’t read a lot of Latin American poetry. I mostly read fiction. But try finding a translation of Nicanor Parra. Cortázar and Borges wrote some magnificent poems. Gabriela Mistral too (also check her letters to her girlfriend).

LangstonReview: "Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral" (1957) Translated with an introduction by Langston Hughes

fabratton: Mistral takes its name 'from the pioneering Chilean poet and educator Gabriela Mistral, & also from a wind which shakes whatever comes into its path'.

TheReddestRose: "I want to be flooded with beauty." ~ Gabriela Mistral

MechaPosadist: I was thinking about like art that had a huge part of my aesthetic and moral development in my childhood and I realized that it's all like, South American, Mirageman, 31 Minutos, Ami el niño de las estrellas, Mafalda, Papelucho, los Pulentos, Gabriela Mistral, Mampato.

dreamingbulb: . Something comes from faraway, / something is present, / something comes forward; / without a body or a whisper it comes, / but the arrival never ends. — Gabriela Mistral . Ph. Klea McKenna

SigmaDeltaPi: Sigma Delta Pi’s Gabriela Mistral Award for Student Members: Nominations Accepted All Year Long

ChileTodayNews: Vicuña is a city in the Coquimbo region. Its main atraction is the Elqui Valley. This is also the birthplace of poet and Nobel Prize-winner Gabriela Mistral. It's internationally known as a great place to practice astrotourism, with Observatories like Mamalluca and Cerro Tololo.

moonleafling: “Take care of this dear thing we have.” + “is that a moonflower? they’re really rare, you know..” gabriela mistral’s letter to doris dana

ArtistsVirtual: Sala Gabriela Mistral - Biblioteca Nacional De Santiago by Luis Lara Size: 76 x 30 cm Watercolour - unframed FOR SALE. Available for purchase through our website's shop: Copy-paste link below

apu00276: "Remembering a good time is feeling happy again." Gabriela Mistral

BuckeyedBronco: I'm currently reading Gabriela Mistral, I'd definitely say she had a Latina temperament.

sofiamusic: My new single La Otra based on a poem by the iconic Chilean writer Gabriela Mistral is out today on all major platforms!! Listen to it and share it!!

_asmac: “I bloom within myself, inwardly,” — Gabriela Mistral

bushraahuja: NODer Taureate Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) of Chile was well respected as a humanistic educator. Indicative of the great spirit of compassion and caring with which she interacted with her students is her 'Teacher's Prayer': 1/3

SoakNMyDiamonds: “To soften my pain, to magnify the light with it,” -— Gabriela Mistral

Rubynola82: Trembling with love and destiny, in the arms of him I loved against myself. -Gabriela Mistral “Cassandra” ph. unknown

THEMANASTAFF: Check out MANA's podcast series featuring prose by women authors and poets, including, Elesia Powell, Warsan Shire, Jessyca Mathews, and Gabriela Mistral. Visit the posts on MANA's blog:

kaiiiiiherefor: “Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral, Desolacíon MONDATE WITH ELLAIZYL

xrprocks: Quote of the day! "Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe." -- Gabriela Mistral

4f345: Kisses - Gabriela Mistral There are kisses that they pronounce by themselves the condemnatory love sentence, there are kisses that are given with the look there are kisses that are given with memory. There are silent kisses, noble kisses there are enigmatic kisses, sincere 1/1

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