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msolaciregui: At Gabriela Mistral we are working extremely hard to welcome our students on Monday! Way to go, Quetzal Team!

radiomoderation: Women writers looking bored and holding a cigarette, part 67 in a series: Gabriela Mistral

voyagerthreebot: Gabriela Mistral and Gems |

dali48: 08.08.2020 - Gabriela Mistral and Montegrande and Nobel Prize in Literature 1945 ...

MichelleTolosky: “Beauty… is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral.

msolaciregui: At Gabriela Mistral Dual Immersion School, we are proud to follow Mountain View Whisman School District’s Guiding Principles!

ZeeshanJaanam: There are kisses that produce ravings of amorous passion ardent and crazy, you know them well they are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth. Gabriela Mistral

ZeeshanJaanam: Kisses of flames that inscribe traces In the wake of true love, Stormy kisses, wild kisses that only our lips have tasted. Gabriela Mistral

eclipsedsolar: nobody: me, unprompted: hey did you know that gabriela mistral--

AlexPowellSZZ: “Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow; his name is today.” ~Gabriela Mistral

Head4HeightsTC: TODAY'S THE DAY! There are a few tickets left until we're sold out for tonight's free online performance of Mistral, Gabriela at 19:00! Register by 17:00 BST!

msolaciregui: Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet who frequently wrote about morality and maternity, has been voted inside the top 100 most influential women in the world. BBC History Magazine places her in the 50th spot. The list includes Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, and even Princess Diana.

Head4HeightsTC: And we're off, Day 1 of our Online Workshop of Mistral, Gabriela! Tickets are still available for our Online Reading this Thursday 30th July 7-9PM, RSVP:

Alya_Mm3: You shall create beauty not to excite the senses but to give sustenance to the soul. Gabriela Mistral

4f345: Lumberjack - Gabriela Mistral It stayed on the herbs the tired lumberjack, asleep in the scent from the pine of his ax. They have their feet wet the herbs they stepped on. The golden back sings and his hands dream. I see its stone threshold his wife and his field.1/1

Head4HeightsTC: ONE WEEK TO GO! There are still tickets available for our free Online Reading of Mistral, Gabriela! Grab yours now before they're gone! 30th July 19:00-21:00 BST RSVP Below:

messyelsi: Literally, ask Chileans about celebs, everyone will answer: leonor Varela, Cristian de la Fuente, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and that’s it

dioniissues: broo I want to stop learning about Gabriela Mistral for homework so I can start reading her books

Head4HeightsTC: Just over a week to go until our free Online Reading of Mistral, Gabriela! Tickets are still available, grab yours! 30th July 19:00-21:00 BST RSVP Below:

1lolamarina: Fernando Ruz: Helechos, Gabriela Mistral:

ibtouchdown: Of her reading practice, she once wrote: “The point is to store up images—to enrich yourself with them—and to free yourself from reading hurriedly.... This is, above all, an exercise for being a creator and not a reciter.”... Madwomen The Poems Gabriela Mistral

bacigalupe: Gabriela Mistral: humanlty is still in need of humanization

catboyjc: yunmeng siblings post-siege (rip..) (gabriela mistral, tr. ursula k. le guin, 'verses)

dramaticdoodle: Marked as to-read: Gabriela Mistral by Pedro Pablo Zegers

Head4HeightsTC: Tickets are still available for our free Online Reading of Mistral, Gabriela! 30th July, 19:00-21:00 RSVP Below:

elenaxrose: gabriela mistral's impact:

emopiola: leave gabriela mistral alone

reyessimon_: Chavela, Frida, Juan Gabriel, Gabriela Mistral, y Walter Mercado were all queer and never really hid it. We all knew, and we all know now but still the conversation about queer and gender nonconforming celebrities in our culture is avoided completely

Iniguez_Caro: “I have sat down in the middle of the Earth, my love, in the middle of my life, to open my veins and my chest, to peel my skin like a pomegranate, and to break the red mahogany of these bones that loved you.” Gabriela Mistral, “The Abandoned Woman“.

sarahdiabetes: "i have sat down in the middle of the Earth, my love, in the middle of my life, to open my veins and my chest, to peel my skin like a pomegranate, and to break the red mahogany of these bones that loved you" (gabriela mistral)

PUNKRlN: anyway i love love love gabriela mistral and you should read about her actually

4f345: Climb the sorrows with the deer, and looked for dementia flowers, the ones that redden and seem live and die of redness. Author-Gabriela Mistral

alexaxchanes: oh yea they were from houston and went to “ gabriela mistral “

LiteraryVienna: „Speech is our second possession, after the soul-and perhaps we have no other possession in this world." Gabriela Mistral

MandrakeDwiz: As a chilean i am proud of having read the whole saga of papelucho written by Marcela Paz in 1947. Also, many poems by gabriela mistral, you know?, the nobel prize of literature. Many countries have their own well known female authors that are read and studied in high school.

GodBrahman: Gabriela Mistral, tr. by Randall Couch, from “She Who Walks”, Madwomen: Poems of Gabriela Mistral

rabihalameddine: This was the poem of the day six years ago: The Stranger by Gabriela Mistral

cupurinco: Gabriela Mistral, tr. by Ursula K. Le Guin, from “Verses”, Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral.

mahynourr_magdy: — Gabriela Mistral, tr. by Ursula K. Le Guin, from “Starsong”, Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral

Mustapreposter1: When life hurts me, where shall i look for you, of now your'e only dust, even in my soul? -Gabriela Mistral, “Verses”, Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral

daniel_mundaray: Temuco has recently been regarded as a university city as it houses two large universities: University of the Frontier and Temuco Catholic University. Nobel laureates Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda both lived in Temuco for some time.

daniel_mundaray: Chilean poetry has deep roots in Temuco. Nobel laureates Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda (Neftalí Reyes) both lived in Temuco. Mistral was the principal of an all-girls school where Neruda would visit her and show her his first verses when he was around 15 years old.

s0ftmonie: Is this gabriela mistral?

LauraKerrArt: T.S. Eliot wrote to Ezra Pound, “There are only a half dozen men of letters (and no women) worth printing.” Yeah Meanwhile; Edith Wharton Gertrude Stein Virginia Woolf Agatha Christie Gabriela Mistral

LitDigi: This one has the best frog and cricket speech bubbles ever. Images by my new favourite illustrator, words by Chilean Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral translated by Doris Dana. Thank you to all the makers.

ArielPoets: I feel my heart melting in the mildness like candles: my veins are slow oil and not wine, and I feel my life fleeing hushed and gentle like the gazelle. —Gabriela Mistral

alisonaglitter: Wrote this for a language blog, but it's based on my 2018 xmas visit. Vicuña, a small desert town 6 hrs from Santiago, had the most impressive street art. It's the birthplace of diplomat +Nobel Prize-Winning poet Gabriela Mistral, who BTW was super gay.

docphiloshoper: “ You shall create beauty not to excite the senses but to give sustenance to the soul.” Gabriela Mistral

docphiloshoper: Like cider and aged wine I was desired, desired like the sheer blue cascade that dazzles the eyes of the thirsty. Gabriela Mistral, Madwomen: Poems of Gabriela Mistral

preexistential: i read gabriela mistral’s poetry (translations, of u know where to get any original works in spanish lemme know) today and i can’t stop thinking about it

LesegoThole: the latin americans have written beautiful poetry okay. a beautiful tradition really. thinking with the poetry of gabriela mistral

pabloguzman_: ** mimir and gabriela mistral's poetry are chile's greatest exports

leinmdfk: All my homies loves Gabriela Mistral.

BABYCHESRRY: my bio is for gabriela mistral and her 'friend' doris, g sent letters to d, and in one he says she prefers to eat her than oats. stan

carylloper: Beauty... is the shadow of God on the universe ~ Gabriela Mistral

alexis_bologne: Remembering a good moment is feeling happy again. Recordar un buen momento es sentirse feliz de nuevo. -Gabriela Mistral

yellow_wood_rd: “The night itself is riddled with her, wide with her, and alive with her.” Gabriela Mistral

Alfonso_Peralt: "One day, this long weariness will be greater, and the soul will tell the body that it doesn’t wish to continue dragging its mass along the frosted road to where the men go, content to live…" -Gabriela Mistral, The Sonnets of Death.

ovillalon: With the brown-face stuff, it’s always a variation of the same few get-ups. It would be refreshing to hear one day, “I apologize for that picture of my wife and I dressed as Octavio Paz and Gabriela Mistral. It was wrong.”

raj65025523: chest I am like a filled pond and to you I look like an inert spring, for this tormenting silence of mine more atrocious than going into death! Gabriela Mistral

ilya_poet: "Country that is missing, strange country ...It seems like a fable now that I've learned it dreaming to stay and dreaming to fly. But it is my country where I live and I die." --Gabriela Mistral translated by Langston Hughes

OPT_Telescopes: "Seen here is the Gabriela Mistral Nebula (also known as NGC 3324 and IC 2599), an emission nebula and the H-II region excited by an open star cluster (OCL 819) in its center" IG: ethanw.astrophotography

MarlenaAgency: Illustration by Sonia Pulido for our Friendship Project! "To say friendship is to say full understanding, quick trust and long memory; that is, fidelity" - Gabriela Mistral

ricgreene: «There is no other voice in poetry like Mistral’s, from the miraculous clarity of her rounds and lullabyes, to the fiery rage of her love poems, to the dark complexity and visionary power of her late work». Los poemas de Gabriela traducidos Ursula:

konstructivizm: the Gabriela Mistral Nebula - a beautiful nebula only visible from the southern hemisphere

camucha66322146: Give me Lord the strength of the waves of the sea, what do each throwback a new starting point ....! ~~ Gabriela Mistral

saktisoe: 24/7 • POETRY The world may familiar with país de poetas, home of Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, understood. What the world may not experience yet is probably another poet or probably just one piece of simple…

ramblingroses8: ella jo baker ida wells-barnett john dewey lincoln ghandi mae west jesus norma jeane mortenson (aka marilynn monroe) bayard rustin a. phillip randolph sidney pollack walt whitman emily dickenson nicolas guillen gabriela mistral einstein buddha

VOXINDICA: Senior citizens are a frustrated lot, thanks to the economic policies of the government. Recall this line from Gabriela Mistral: "To him we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow'." To the senior citizens the government cannot say, "Wait, there is a golden future tomorrow."

MatyldaStein: “I am weak, so weak the smell of the roses made me faint, when I went down to the garden, and a simple song carried on the wind, or the afternoon’s last pulsing drop of blood in the sky, disturbs me, flooding me with sadness.” -Gabriela Mistral /Katia Chausheva

FredrikKbg1: "Grant that I may be successful in molding one of my pupil's into a perfect poem, and let me leave within her deepest-felt melody that she may sing for you when my lips shall sing no more" Gabriela Mistral, 1889-1957 ©OAS

NobelPrize: Take a look at some photos of South America's first-ever Nobel Laureate - Gabriela Mistral. The daughter of a school teacher and poet, she herself began working as a teacher at the age of 15 until her poetry became known. Read more about this laureate:

bay_art: 18+ Best Gabriela Mistral Poems

v_rossouw3: "I want to be flooded with beauty.." ~ Gabriela Mistral

konstructivizm: the Gabriela Mistral Nebula - a beautiful nebula only visible from the southern hemisphere

emiliapoet: This is from Gabriela Mistral's "La Abandonada." Ursula K. Le Guin, whose translations I don't generally care for, translates it as "peel myself as a pomegranate." I am waiting on the Randall Couch translations in the mail. Cannot find a translation of this poem by Doris Dana.

amesegarees: Gabriela Mistral, tr. by Langston Hughes, from Selected Poems; “Quietness,”

IntegrativeInfo: My image of the Gabriela Mistral Nebula - a beautiful nebula...

mansiontwit: Pablo Neruda, Isabel Allende, Alexis Sanchez, Gabriela Mistral and Bernardo O’Higgins are all famous Chileans. Join us this week for our Chile podcast episode:

sampathsudesh: Analysis of Fear by Gabriela Mistral

BershovaNatalia: Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral, Desolacíon

4f345: Revealed (Gabriela Mistral) As I am a queen and I was a beggar, now I live in pure tremor that you leave me, and I ask you, pale, every hour: Are you still with me? Oh, don't go away! 1/1

hermosillo_17: Gabriela Mistral's poems are hitting different today

kloberst: Love beauty; it is the shadow of God on the universe. ~ Gabriela Mistral

WNBASFChapter: GABRIELA MISTRAL voice of the people

hellotothespace: Gabriela Mistral and the Gems Credit : Diego Gravinese Location : Buenos Aires City, Argentina

emiliapoet: Got to watch this Gabriela Mistral and Doris Dana documentary last night!

OiganAmiApa: Ausencia - (Gabriela Mistral, 1930)

Rubynola82: For her love, lower yourself, inhale her, and give her your mouth. -Gabriela Mistral “The Wild Strawberry”

earthnationlive: Accept everything which happens, even if it seem disagreeable, because it leads to this, the health of the universe. ~Marcus Aurelius (& the Gabriela Mistral nebula)

deepscribble: “Everyone left and we have remained on a path that goes on without us.” —Madwomen: Poems of Gabriela Mistral

GonzoCGarcia: Gabriela Mistral (translation), The Lark,

kielder_obs: Final stop on our tour is Chile! Obviously! The Gabriela Mistral Sanctuary. Very proud that the Kielder skies are in this company of protected dark sky places around the world. Photo by Associated Universities for Research in Astronomy

ylucic: Nicanor Parra Gabriela Mistral Using DeOldify with previous cleaning and enchancing in Photoshop.

michaelsorrell: Part five: Tradition is out of the window (and you know how we love our traditions). We must be nimble and we must be creative. There is no time for 18 month reviews and committees. To quote Gabriela Mistral: "his name is today."

HCFramingham: For National Poetry Month we're celebrating the Chilean poet and first Spanish American author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriela Mistral! (translation from Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral)

BookshopSC: Our poem of the day is by Chilean poet GABRIELA MISTRAL, winner of the 1945 Nobel Prize for Literature—the first Latin American writer to earn that distinction.

pumpkachubby: Also, where are my Latin American representation FGO? Where is Gabriela Mistral?? She would be an awesome caster! (and if you don't know her, shame on you) And don't bring Quetz, because I'll never get over how they decided to make her a white blond woman

pumpkachubby: I'm passionate about Gabriela Mistral because her works left quite the mark on me in very early days of my education (you could say that I learned how to read with her poems)

gohanblancoo: my ideal quarantine house would include Gabriela Mistral, Mark Forsyth, and Mach-Hommy

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