Release the gold and let me forget the days of old,
Remember my spot let blood and sweat pass me the cup,
Season my tears so I can't feed on fear,
Label my path inorder not to get lost in my track.
Let the sun rise against dusk.

Cook my dawn so I will not fawn,
Sew my gown that will take me to my town,
Teach my words to sit on my tongue lest they fall,
Saddle my feet to carry the offsprings of my seeds.

Gird up my loins to oar my own boat,
Rise the sun against my dusk lest I fall short and grow tusk,
Embarrass my pride and embroider my path,
Silence the wolves howling dread in my ears,
Ease the wind that hate my uprising.

Why do I ask all of these,
Because when the sun rise at dusk,
The chirping crickets hush,
And the approaching night crush.