Where darkness speaks lullaby of the tempest,
Where weariness provides garment for the tablets (heart),
Silence sings with mournful enthusiasms,
And tears muffle words of attempted courage.

Sighs weds frights in demeaning delights,
Discouragement shuns laughter with clench fists,
Fear, dread and disgust befriend failure to lure away progress,
And the face of success is seen as a place.

Temptations become food to one’s thirst,
Wandering and wandering into endless wandering,
All end up in frustration and weakness,
Where every play grounds is seen as battle grounds.

Denial is consider your brother,
Betrayal your half sibling,
And grief your closest cousin,
And the roads have no ending.

Every calling becomes twigs to hang on
as rescue team when drowning,
the roads are far at both ends,
but none seems going to an end.

But lift your eyes up to Zion,
It's path leads to somewhere,
and to someone,
An everlasting King.