Oklahoma Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oklahoma OklahomaA
Land O land of the Fair GodB
Land where ancient savage racesC
Through barbarian ages trodB
Through thy story fancy tracesC
Facts above what fictions sayD
Where the world with haste advancesC
Born are nations in a dayD
Where the wigwam stood so lonelyE
Lordly cities rise in mightF
Where spread desert wildness onlyE
Fertile farms and homes delightF
Thou hast summoned to thy bosomG
From the ends of all the earthH
All the youngest strongest bravestI
Full of will and wondrous worthH
O'er thy valleys grow the blossomsJ
Culled from earth's remotest sodB
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Land O Land of the Fair GodB
Oklahoma OklahomaA
There is music in thy nameK
There is gladness in thy gloryE
There is fondness in thy fameK
In the wonders of thy storyE
Shines the sheen of noble deedL
Brighter than the glare of battleM
Where the warriors toil and bleedL
Ruling with immortal forcesN
There is found the king of mightF
Over all thy great resourcesN
By the strength of truth and rightF
With thy happy sons and daughtersO
Live the virtues fair and pureP
And the better angels guidingQ
Keep their hearts and souls secureP
There are treasures in thy valleysR
There are treasures in thy hillsS
Oklahoma OklahomaA
How thy name my bosom thrillsS
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Child of law and libertyE
Thou art always true and tenderT
Thou art ever dear to meE
I will always praises renderT
To the grandeur of thy worthH
For the fortunes all presidedU
At the moment of thy birthH
Pleasures in their pure completenessV
O'er thy pleasant prairies shineW
And the raptures run with fleetnessV
Through the happy vales of thineW
Thou art empress of the angelsV
Thou art queen of all the godsV
And the happiness of heavenX
O'er thy laughing valleys nodsV
I will always crown with praisesV
All thy glories O my stateY
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Thou art greatest of the greatY
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Bravest are thy noble sonsV
In the thunders of the battleM
And the roaring of the gunsV
Flash of sword and musket's rattleM
Never fearful terror gaveZ
To the staunch and valiant bosomsV
Of thy happy hosts and braveZ
When the roars of hell grow louderT
And the mountains shake in frightF
In the lurid clouds of powderT
They are foremost in the fightF
And when bayonet and musketA2
Sword and saber slaughter ceaseV
They are tenderest and truestB2
In the silent ways of peaceV
O my state A stream of greatnessV
From thy mighty people runsV
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Bravest are thy noble sonsV
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Fairest are thy daughters fairC2
In the thousand deeds of dutyE
Thou hast given them to bearC2
Peerless is their wondrous beautyE
Bright with blushes as the roseV
Pure as petals of the lilyE
White as newly fallen snowsV
And their voices bright with blessingQ
Banish misery and woeD2
While their fingers' soft caressingQ
Soothes the fevers from the browE2
Souls are always blessed with brightnessV
Bosoms filled with goodly pearlsV
Hearts forever harvest gladnessV
In the glances of thy girlsV
They are robed in golden garmentsV
Nature's vestments rich and rareC2
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Fairest are thy daughters fairC2
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Sweetest are thy happy homesV
Smiling in the holy gladnessV
Which above thee always roamsV
They are never linked with sadnessV
They are never bound with painsV
For the sunshine of enjoymentF2
Rules the people of thy plainsV
Songs are singing with thy maidensV
Music echoes with thy wivesV
Rapture slays the grief that ladensV
All the gladness of their livesV
Happiness is with thy husbandsV
And thy swains are blest with joyG2
While the fondest rapture risesV
In the hearts of girl and boyG2
Pleasures linger in thy woodlandsV
Gladness on thy prairies roamsV
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Sweetest are thy happy homesV
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Thou shall ever live in songH2
Freedom near to nature raisesV
Temples that to thee belongH2
Minstrels shall in merry praisesV
Wind their music o'er thy nameK
Till the voices of the agesV
Shout for thee in wild acclaimK
They shall sing with tender pleasureT
Beauty of thy daughters trueI2
Sing in high exultant measureT
Deeds thy sons in battle doI2
Sages shall in wisdom offerT
Full rewards of love to theeE
And shall crown thy land and peopleM
Favorites of libertyE
All thy glory shall be shiningQ
Through the cycles clear and strongH2
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Though shall ever live in songH2
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Romance of the ages thouE2
Now unknown a moment laterT
Kingly crowns upon thy browE2
Child of all the nations greaterT
Shall thy splendors year by yearJ2
Grow unfading bringing bountiesV
Full of happiness and cheerJ2
Morning saw a desert sleepingQ
Worn and wasted with distressV
Night beheld an empire keepingQ
Watch above the wildernessV
Progress with her wand of magicK2
Touched the sleeping valleys brightF
And they leaped with instant vigorT
Shaking out their locks of mightF
Earth shall send her fairest blossomsV
As a garland for thy browE2
Oklahoma OklahomaA
Romance of the ages thouE2

Freeman E. Miller


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