O, Weak And Weary World! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


O weak and weary worldA
Forever struggling onB
When will thy toils in comfort be impearledA
When will thy sorrows and thy cares be goneC
When shall the races all ambition deadA
Forsake the stony slope and rocky steepD
And in contentment sweetly wedA
The joys that never sleepD
O weak and weary worldA
Long hast thou toiled in vainE
The smoky fumes of woe are darkly curledA
With endless troubles and enduring painE
When will thy bosom faint and helpless grownF
Rest sweetly in the balmy bowers of easeG
Avoid the woes that constant groanF
And follow shapes that pleaseG
O weak and weary worldA
Why search the hills and seasG
All Nature is in secrecy enfurledA
And thou canst never solve her mysteriesG
Thou canst not understand nor comprehendA
Her varied movements nor the intricateA
The systems that so far extendA
Creation wide and greatA
O weak and weary worldA
Why more attempt advanceH
Long have thy forces in confusion whirledA
In circles through the misty maze of chanceH
The nations rise and sink in sepulchresH
Thy peoples perish in a common graveI
Progression dies perfection errsH
Wrong rules the wood and waveI
O weak and weary worldA
Let thy ambition restA
Long have defeat and gloomy ruin twirledA
In dark embrace the purest and the bestA
Destruction is thy portion death thy partA
Ashes thy glory and thy splendor dustA
Then ease the longings of thy breastA
Serve pleasures well and trustA

Freeman E. Miller


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