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The Big Five was a nickname given to five superintendents in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department at Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, from about 1906 onwards. The first five to be appointed were: Charles John Arrow, Paul Crane, Walter Dew, Frederick Fox and Frank Frost. These men and their successors, with their subordinate inspectors, were regularly to be seen working on high-profile murder cases through the British Isles. By the 1970s, the term was dropping from currency.While the crime reporters of British newspapers were the first to use the epithet The Big Five, the team's activities became a popular trope with writers of crime fiction, including Edgar Wallace. As well as inspiring conventional detective fiction, "The Big Five" suggests the title...
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  • Ballad Of Douglas Bridge
    On Douglas Bridge I met a man
    Who lived adjacent to Strabane,
    Before the English hung him high
    For riding with O'Hanlon....
  • The Provinces
    O God that I
    May arise with the Gael
    To the song in the sky
    Over Inisfail!...
  • Beyond Rathkelly
    As I went over the Far Hill,
    Just beyond Rathkelly,
    -Och, to be on the Far Hill
    O'er Newtonstewart Town!...
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Icreatelife: you probably saw on the news a.i. generations of pope francis wearing a white cozy jacket. i’d love to see your generations inspired by it. here’s a prompt by the original creator guerrero art (pablo xavier): catholic pope francis wearing balenciaga puffy jacket in drill rap…
Francis_baraka: funny quote of the day: "weather forecast for tonight: dark." - george carlin
Dennisbewitched: [ the judgement zone of outer space ] gaten gaten matarazzo? george carlin?george harrison? george lucas? george francis "gabby" hayes? gibby haynes?
Port_parish: today’s time for reflection at the scottish parliament came from our good friend, the reverend father matther carlin, parish priest of st francis of assisi, port glasgow. click the link below to listen -
Joshferme: he freed numerous african slaves from the spanish. he even carried out a retributive attack against the spaniards when they killed his right-hand man, and friend, who was himself a freed slave. progressives need to learn some history.
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