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William Bliss Carman (April 15, 1861 – June 8, 1929) was a Canadian poet who lived most of his life in the United States, where he achieved international fame. He was acclaimed as Canada's poet laureate during his later years.In Canada, Carman is classed as one of the Confederation Poets, a group which also included Charles G.D. Roberts (his cousin), Archibald Lampman, and Duncan Campbell Scott. "Of the group, Carman had the surest lyric touch and achieved the widest international recognition. But unlike others, he never attempted to secure his income by novel writing, popular journalism, or non-literary employment. He remained a poet, supplementing his art with critical commentaries on literary ideas, philosophy, and aesthetics."


William Bliss Carman was b...
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Bliss Carman Poems

  • The Yule Guest
    And Yanna by the yule log
    Sat in the empty hall,
    And watched the goblin firelight
    Caper upon the wall:...
  • The Sleepers
    The tall carnations down the garden walks
    Bowed on their stalks.

    Said Jock-a-dreams to John-a-nods,...
  • The Ships Of St John
    Smile, you inland hills and rivers!
    Flush, you mountains in the dawn!
    But my roving heart is seaward
    With the ships of gray St. John....
  • The Shadow Boatswain
    Don't you know the sailing orders?
    It is time to put to sea,
    And the stranger in the harbor
    Sends a boat ashore for me....
  • The Red Wolf
    With the fall of the leaf comes the wolf, wolf, wolf,
    The old red wolf at my door.

    And my hateful yellow dwarf, with his hideous crooked laugh,...
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Violetayekha114: the first need of being is endurance to endure with gladness if we can with fortitude in any event.,bliss carman,pressure, , diamonds, ,
Greebohobbes: bliss carman he was a canadian poet who lived most of his life in the united states, where he achieved international fame. he was acclaimed as canada's poet laureate during his later years. photograph: pirie macdonald
Altlineg: saint louis sucks the billiken is a charm doll created by an american art teacher and illustrator, florence pretz of kansas city, missouri, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream. pretz found the name billiken in bliss carman's 1896 poem. lame
Lilyrex: mrs. cunningham. a sweet grandmotherly lady who gave me a love of poetry. still recall the poems and most of the lines. “trees” by bliss william carman was my favorite
Blisscarmansrps: bliss carman is open for learning today! see you soon!
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