Francis Beaumont Woman Poems

  • 1.
    May I find a woman fair,
    And her mind as clear as air,
    If her beauty go alone,
    'Tis to me as if't were none.
  • 2.
    Never more will I protest,
    To love a woman but in jest:
    For as they cannot be true,
    So, to give each man his due,
  • 3.
    As unthrifts groan in straw for their pawn'd beds,
    As women weep for their lost maidenheads,
    When both are without hope or remedy,
    Such an untimely grief I have for thee.
  • 4.
    Now fie on foolish love, it not befits
    Or man or woman know it.
    Love was not meant for people in their wits,
    And they that fondly show it
  • 5.
    Madam, so may my verses pleasing be,
    So may you laugh at them and not at me,
    'Tis something to you gladly I would say;
    But how to do't I cannot find the way.
  • 6.
    IT is a statute in deepe wisdomes lore,
    That for his lines none should a patro[n] chuse
    By wealth or pouerty, by lesse or more,
    But who the same is able to peruse;
  • 7.
    Hear, you bad writers, and though you not see,
    I will inform you where you happy be:
    Provide the most malicious thoughts you can,
    And bend them all against some private man,
  • 8.
    It is a statute in deep wisdom's lore,
    That for his lines none should a patron chuse
    By wealth and poverty, by less or more,
    But who the same is able to peruse:
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