Who is Francis Beaumont

Francis BeaumontBorn1584
Grace-DieuDied6 March 1616
LondonNationalityEnglishNotable worksThe Knight of the Burning Pestle Francis Beaumont (1584 ā€“ 6 March 1616) was a dramatist in the English Renaissance theatre, most famous for his collaborat...
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Francis Beaumont Poems

  • True Beauty
    May I find a woman fair,
    And her mind as clear as air,
    If her beauty go alone,
    'Tis to me as if't were none. ...
  • To My Friend M. Ben Jonson, Upon His Catiline
    If thou hadst itch'd after the wild applause
    Of common people, and hadst made thy laws
    In writing such as catch'd at present voice,
    I should commend the thing, but not thy choice. ...
  • The Indifferent
    Never more will I protest,
    To love a woman but in jest:
    For as they cannot be true,
    So, to give each man his due, ...
  • An Elegy On The Lady Markham
    As unthrifts groan in straw for their pawn'd beds,
    As women weep for their lost maidenheads,
    When both are without hope or remedy,
    Such an untimely grief I have for thee. ...
  • Fie On Love
    Now fie on foolish love, it not befits
    Or man or woman know it.
    Love was not meant for people in their wits,
    And they that fondly show it ...
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  • Wordsquotefact: let no man fear to die, we love to sleep all, and death is but the sounder sleep. - francis beaumont
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  • Frantasticbooks: 4 of 5 stars to the knight of the burning pestle by francis beaumont
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