Francis Beaumont Thought Poems

  • 1.
    As unthrifts groan in straw for their pawn'd beds,
    As women weep for their lost maidenheads,
    When both are without hope or remedy,
    Such an untimely grief I have for thee.
  • 2.
    Stand still my happiness, and swelling heart
    No more, till I consider what thou art.
    Desire of knowledge was man's fatal vice,
    For when our parents were in paradise,
  • 3.
    MY wanton lines doe treate of amorous loue,
    Such as would bow the hearts of gods aboue:
    Then Venus, thou great Citherean Queene,
    That hourely tript on the Idalian greene,
  • 4.
    Madam, so may my verses pleasing be,
    So may you laugh at them and not at me,
    'Tis something to you gladly I would say;
    But how to do't I cannot find the way.
  • 5.
    When Cupid read this title, straight he said,
    'Wars, I perceive, against me will be made.'
    But spare, oh Love! to tax thy poet so,
    Who oft bath borne thy ensign 'gainst thy foe;
  • 6.
    The sun, which doth the greatest comfort bring
    To absent friends (because the self-same thing
    They know they see, however absent), is
    Here our best hay-maker (forgive me this,
  • 7.
    Like to the weake estate of a poore friend,
    To whom sweet fortune hath bene euer slow,
    VVhich dayly doth that happy howre attend,
    VVhen his poore state may his affection shew:
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