The Conclusion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sleep not too much nor longer than asleepA
Within thy bed thy lazy body keepA
For when thou warm awake shall feel it softB
Fond cogitations will assail thee oftC
Then start up early study work or writeD
Let labour others' toil be thy delightD
Eat not to much or if thou much dost eatE
Let it not be dainty or stirring meatE
Abstain from wine although thou think it goodF
It sets thy meat on fire and stirs thy bloodG
Use thyself much to bathe thy wanton limbsH
In coolest streams which o'er the gravel swimsH
Be still in gravest company and flyI
The wanton rabble of the younger fryI
Whose lustful tricks will lead thee to delightD
To think on love where thou shalt perish quiteD
Come not at all where many women areJ
But like a bird that lately 'scaped the snareK
Avoid their garish beauty fly with speedL
And learn by her that lately made thee bleedL
Be not too much alone but if aloneM
Get thee some modest book to look uponN
But do not read the lines of wanton menO
Poetry sets thy mind on fire againO
Abstain from songs and verses and take heedL
That not a line of love thou ever readP

Francis Beaumont


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