Her pure Unplucked flower is all I desire,
Craving for her is the sin I won't repent,
Everymorning and late night I think of her curvy slender hips,
Her two forbidden hills where I could plant my kisses,
She smiled as I was caressing her boobs,
As the time to commit the sin was now,
Her lips planted in my lips as our tongue played with one another,
Her breath was getting rough,
I smiled as the time to fulfill my lust was near,
She was breathing so hard,
Struggling to maintain herself consciousness,
But she was losing herself in heavenly feeling she never felt before,
As I pulled toward her hips her senses was back,
She pleaded for I to stop and I had to,
Can you kiss me? She asked as was bewitched by her soft pink lips,
She kissed me back as I kissed her puffy moist lips,
But in an instant I felt a tingling feeling as fangs enters my neck,
My blood was gushing out of my artery,
My strength was giving up as my boner was getting erect harder,
Something was coming out of my little brother,
Her grip on my neck tightened more as her mind was getting insane,
Then I realized she wasn't human but a vampire,
Her lips was colored red with my blood,
She smiled back to me as she held my boner directing it on her love cave,
I woke up and I realized that I cummed on my bed,
It was just a dream but that feeling was profound.