My people perish because of lack of wisdom.
We are blinded by the rays of the sun,
The ray of aeonian fallacy and norms,
of false religious practices and ethnicity.

Day and night, we are chastised and denounced.
Brain washed by the philosophy of elites.
Age to age we are ageing; with ignorance growing older with us.
We grow older with misconception in the place of wisdom.

We dine together, in the room of ignorance.
Just like a good Shepard, leads his flock to the ambiance of vegetations.
We have been misled by our own shepard into the paradise of disunity and despair.

Open thy eyes and see the chain of slavery
Open thy ears, and hear the clamourings of crowds, confronting and gunning themselves, with crimson spilled all over the ground.
Open thy mind, and fill them with cognitive content.
Open thy bosom, and fill it with love and light.