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Emmanuel Ogbebute know as Grtest. He hails from Nigeria, benue state. He his currently in a group of writers (word writers association). He love poem so much because he intend to pour out his emotions, idea and imaginations through poems. Website @ Grtest on watpad. ...
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Emmanuel Ogbebute Poems

  • I Feel
    I feel the wind that rose in dominance,
    Staring into those crystal eyes my lady,
    Through our hoary memories, we acquire great melodies.
    My heart plays instruments for you ...
  • Burning Desires
    Burning desire fuels the soul
    Of men.
    Vision and dreams are shaky,
    Like bamboo trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind. ...
  • Widow Road
    Rustic leaves
    On erected hills
    Hoary winds
    On tinted trees ...
  • A Voice
    A voice indeed!.
    A voice of true spirit and virtues.
    A voice,cool like the wind
    Blown from the West wing. ...
  • Death Unto Life
    Our eyes are blinded by gory on everyday life.
    The world is like a field of rife strife.
    The nose breathes in the aroma of bloods
    Gushing out from innocent body like flood. ...
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Emmanuel Ogbebute Quotes

  • Freedom is a state of grace, That everybody wishes to embrace.
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Segio Cornelius: Nice Dude, Keep it up!!!!!
Segio Cornelius: Nice Dude, Keep it up!!!!!
Segio Cornelius: Nice Dude, Keep it up!!!!!

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