Defiance. (translations From The Hebrew Poets Of Medaeval Spain.) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Conquer the gloomy night of thy sorrow for the morning greetsA
thee with laughterB
Rise and clothe thyself with noble prideC
Break loose from the tyranny of griefD
Thou standest alone among menE
Thy song is like a pearl in beautyF
So spake my friend 'T is wellG
The billows of the stormy sea which overwhelmed my soulH
These I subdue I quake notI
Before the bow and arrow of destinyF
I endured with patience when he deceitfully lied to meF
With his treacherous smileJ
Yea boldly I defy FateK
I cringe not to envious FortuneL
I mock the towering floodsM
My brave heart does not shrinkN
This heart of mine that albeit young in yearsO
Is none the less rich in deep keen eyed experienceP
Solomon Ben Judah Gabirol Died BetweenQ

Emma Lazarus


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