A June Night Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ten o'clock the broken moonA
Hangs not yet a half hour highB
Yellow as a shield of brassC
In the dewy air of JuneA
Poised between the vaulted skyB
And the ocean's liquid glassC
Earth lies in the shadow stillD
Low black bushes trees and lawnE
Night's ambrosial dews absorbF
Through the foliage creeps a thrillD
Whispering of yon spectral dawnE
And the hidden climbing orbF
Higher higher gathering lightG
Veiling with a golden gauzeH
All the trembling atmosphereI
See the rayless disk grows whiteG
Hark the glittering billows pauseH
Faint far sounds possess the earJ
Elves on such a night as thisK
Spin their rings upon the grassC
On the beach the water fayL
Greets her lover with a kissK
Through the air swift spirits passC
Laugh caress and float awayL
Shut thy lids and thou shalt seeM
Angel faces wreathed with lightG
Mystic forms long vanished henceN
Ah too fine too rare they beM
For the grosser mortal sightG
And they foil our waking senseN
Yet we feel them floating nearI
Know that we are not aloneO
Though our open eyes beholdP
Nothing save the moon's bright sphereI
In the vacant heavens shownO
And the ocean's path of goldP

Emma Lazarus


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