The last Night that She lived
It was a Common Night
Except the Dying-this to Us
Made Nature different

We noticed smallest things-
Things overlooked before
By this great light upon our Minds
Italicized-as 'twere.

As We went out and in
Between Her final Room
And Rooms where Those to be alive
Tomorrow were, a Blame

That Others could exist
While She must finish quite
A Jealousy for Her arose
So nearly infinite-

We waited while She passed-
It was a narrow time-
Too jostled were Our Souls to speak
At length the notice came.

She mentioned, and forgot-
Then lightly as a Reed
Bent to the Water, struggled scarce-
Consented, and was dead-

And We-We placed the Hair-
And drew the Head erect-
And then an awful leisure was
Belief to regulate-