The Butterfly Obtains Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A BCDC CEFE FCGC

The butterfly obtainsB
But little sympathyC
Though favorably mentionedD
In EntomologyC
Because he travels freelyC
And wears a proper coatE
The circumspect are certainF
That he is dissoluteE
Had he the homely scutcheonF
Of modest IndustryC
'Twere fitter certifyingG
For ImmortalityC

Emily Dickinson


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    MN Cusack: Doesn't hold a candle to my novel. Thsi was nice thogh
    Niina Maxwelll: This poem, stunning in its simplicity, brings to mind my joyous upbringing, prancing through sunflower fields, and feeling the soft burn of the sun’s rays on my porcelain shoulders.

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