Nature, The Gentlest Mother, Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Nature the gentlest motherA
Impatient of no childB
The feeblest or the waywardestB
Her admonition mildB
In forest and the hillC
By traveller is heardB
Restraining rampant squirrelD
Or too impetuous birdB
How fair her conversationE
A summer afternoonF
Her household her assemblyG
And when the sun goes downH
Her voice among the aislesI
Incites the timid prayerJ
Of the minutest cricketB
The most unworthy flowerA
When all the children sleepK
She turns as long awayL
As will suffice to light her lampsM
Then bending from the skyN
With infinite affectionE
And infiniter careJ
Her golden finger on her lipO
Wills silence everywhereJ

Emily Dickinson


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