It Struck Me Every Day Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: ABCB DEDE FGHG

It struck me every dayA
The lightning was as newB
As if the cloud that instant slitC
And let the fire throughB
It burned me in the nightD
It blistered in my dreamE
It sickened fresh upon my sightD
With every morning's beamE
I thought that storm was briefF
The maddest quickest byG
But Nature lost the date of thisH
And left it in the skyG

Emily Dickinson


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Baanetse Mokoena: I think this piece conveys a stream of clues,sort of like an omen .A day not lived ,an unfulfilled goal that etched at the back of your mind .The last stanza portrays the overall realisation of the events that took place as a sign of fate -not acted upon .

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