I Tie My Hat-i Crease My Shawl Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I tie my Hat I crease my ShawlB
Life's little duties do preciselyC
As the very leastD
Were infinite to meC
I put new Blossoms in the GlassE
And throw the old awayF
I push a petal from my gownG
That anchored there I weighF
The time 'twill be till six o'clockH
I have so much to doI
And yet Existence some way backJ
Stopped struck my tickling throughI
We cannot put Ourself awayF
As a completed ManK
Or Woman When the Errand's doneL
We came to Flesh uponM
There may be Miles on Miles of NoughtI
Of Action sicker farN
To simulate is stinging workO
To cover what we areN
From Science and from SurgeryC
Too Telescopic EyesP
To bear on us unshadedI
For their sake not for OursQ
'Twould start themR
We could trembleS
But since we got a BombT
And held it in our BosomU
Nay Hold it it is calmT
Therefore we do life's laborV
Though life's Reward be doneL
With scrupulous exactnessQ
To hold our Senses onM

Emily Dickinson


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