I think to Live-may be a Bliss
To those who dare to try-
Beyond my limit to conceive-
My lip-to testify-

I think the Heart I former wore
Could widen-till to me
The Other, like the little Bank
Appear-unto the Sea-

I think the Days-could every one
In Ordination stand-
And Majesty-be easier-
Than an inferior kind-

No numb alarm-lest Difference come-
No Goblin-on the Bloom-
No start in Apprehension's Ear,
No Bankruptcy-no Doom-

But Certainties of Sun-
Midsummer-in the Mind-
A steadfast South-upon the Soul-
Her Polar time-behind-

The Vision-pondered long-
So plausible becomes
That I esteem the fiction-real-
The Real-fictitious seems-

How bountiful the Dream-
What Plenty-it would be-
Had all my Life but been Mistake
Just rectified-in Thee