Grief Is A Mouse Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Grief is a MouseB
And chooses Wainscot in the BreastC
For His Shy HouseB
And baffles questC
Grief is a Thief quick startledD
Pricks His Ear report to hearE
Of that Vast DarkF
That swept His Being backG
Grief is a Juggler boldest at the PlayH
Lest if He flinch the eye that wayH
Pounce on His Bruises One say or ThreeI
Grief is a Gourmand spare His luxuryI
Best Grief is Tongueless before He'll tellJ
Burn Him in the Public SquareK
His Ashes willL
Possibly if they refuse How then knowM
Since a Rack couldn't coax a syllable nowN

Emily Dickinson


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