A Narrow Fellow In The Grass Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A narrow fellow in the grassA
Occasionally ridesB
You may have met him did you notC
His notice sudden isD
The grass divides as with a combE
A spotted shaft is seenF
And then it closes at your feetG
And opens further onH
He likes a boggy acreI
A floor too cool for cornJ
Yet when a child and barefootK
I more than once at mornJ
Have passed I thought a whip lashL
Unbraiding in the sunM
When stooping to secure itN
It wrinkled and was goneO
Several of nature's peopleP
I know and they know meQ
I feel for them a transportR
Of cordialityR
But never met this fellowS
Attended or aloneT
Without a tighter breathingU
And zero at the boneT

Emily Dickinson


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