A Mien To Move A Queen Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A Mien to move a QueenB
Half Child Half HeroineC
An Orleans in the EyeD
That puts its manner byD
For humbler CompanyE
When none are nearF
Even a TearG
Its frequent VisitorH
A Bonnet like a DukeI
And yet a Wren's PerukeI
Were not so shyD
Of Goer byD
And Hands so slightJ
They would elate a SpriteJ
With MerrimentJ
A Voice that Alters LowK
And on the Ear can goK
Like Let of SnowK
Or shift supremeL
As tone of RealmM
On Subjects DiademN
Too small to fearF
Too distant to endearO
And so Men CompromiseP
And just revereF

Emily Dickinson


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