Artist's Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Of all the waltzes the great Strauss wroteA
Mad with melody rhythm rifeB
From the very first to the final noteA
Give me his Artist's LifeB
It stirs my blood to my finger endsC
Thrills me and fills me with vague unrestD
And all that is sweetest and saddest blendsC
Together within my breastD
It brings back that night in the dim arcadeE
In love's sweet morning and life's best primeF
When the great brass orchestra played and playedE
And set our thoughts to rhymeF
It brings back that Winter of mad delightsG
Of leaping pulses and tripping feetH
And those languid moon washed Summer nightsG
When we heard the band in the streetH
It brings back rapture and glee and glowI
It brings back passion and pain and strifeB
And so of all the waltzes I knowI
Give me the Artist's LifeB
For it is so full of the dear old timeF
So full of the dear old friends I knewJ
And under its rhythm and lilt and rhymeF
I am always finding youJ

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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