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CharlesCasillo: Elizabeth Taylor, relaxing between takes during "Raintree County," in 1956.

rexanthos: Gianni Versace for Elizabeth Taylor

punygxds: ✨Stan List✨ - Demi Lovato - Wanda Maximoff/Elizabeth Olsen - Natasha Romanoff/Scarlett Johansson - Pietro Maximoff/Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr - Loki Laufeyson/Tom Hiddleston - Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan - Majority of the MCU cast

ColelliCol: Elizabeth Warren has right idea. Australia has same problem with LNP gov buying shares in Astra Zeneca for themselves whilst getting Pfizer vac. GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene says she opposes Black Lives Matter – but her investments say something different

LaraLee79283499: 'NCIS' Star Mark Harmon Recalled Incredible Story about Elizabeth Taylor On Set of 'Sweet Bird of Youth'

chazmatazztr: Congrats to Nick & Liz, Derek & Shaina, Zach & Samantha, Mike & Elizabeth, Ryan & Kelly, Jose & Karen, Dave & Chelsea, Randy & Makiia and Dave & Taylor ..... Chazmatazz's newlyweds last week!!!

punchdrunkbaby: wearing elizabeth taylor's passion for men today

priceoffamee: Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor at the Royal Albert Hall on May 26, 2000 in London, England.

vintage_katie_: From 2021: Covet by Tracy Wolff Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream by Elizabeth Roderick Three Hours in Paris by Cara Black First time read this year but published pre-2021: Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade Without Condition by Sonora Taylor Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

AshaFlingai: If that makes me an Elizabeth Taylor STAN, then there you have it.

CitizenScreen: Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd with baby Liza by Toni Frissell, 1957

tomspettys: Jusr started reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I’ve already seen references to Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, and Ava Gardner within this character omg LOVE

mad_simps: “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.” — Elizabeth Taylor

rkeyserling: There’s One Handbag Beyoncé, Elizabeth Taylor, and Harry Styles All Agree On

AlbertGalera: Elizabeth Taylor by Philippe Halsman.

LolaElleLin: Elizabeth Taylor very much alive comments Obviously Kardashian did a lot more than steal my diamonds. Like Jlo trifling ass thieves of my shit like beyonce $1 billion iru oshi wo ni yen accessories to 911

LolaElleLin: Elizabeth Taylor follow up

LolaElleLin: Niggers please i don't really care I doubt elizabeth taylor will give you my shit.... She loves me and I love her and don't think she's got vendetta

LolaElleLin: Elizabeth Taylor follow up

KelleysRammy: FREE BOOKS were very nice guests: Quiet, clean and respectful. Highly recommended. Thank you! Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry by Elizabeth Taylor.

LolaElleLin: Meghan Trainor follow up

CapaMagMazii: Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton - Botswana, 1975

historydailypix: Elizabeth Taylor, 1956. (Photograph by Mark Shaw)

jonrob5000: The avenging fist of Elizabeth Taylor

Spacereportern1: He is known as the third of Elizabeth Taylor's seven husbands, and is the only one whom she did not divorce.

gracekellyfiles: grace kelly and elizabeth taylor photographed in 1955 and 1981

MistressDrea: Richard Burton had to be packing based on how crazy he made Elizabeth Taylor

edwereddie: A 19 year-old Elizabeth Taylor in 'Love Is Better Than Ever’ (1952). This was the first movie Taylor made after her whirlwind marriage to Conrad Hilton Jr. Director Stanley Donen became her next boyfriend. Marian Hofer

KinoVinoandMore: Elizabeth Taylor in Love Is Better Than Ever, 1952

emmashotwife: oh to be elizabeth james living in london

FilofLif: Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift, In A place at the sun, George Stevens, 1951.

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor and lauren bacall, c. 1981.

PetloverHermine: 21Jun/1966: The movie “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is released by Warner Brothers. Based on the play by Edward Albee. Directed by Mike Nichols. Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal and Sandy Dennis.

colorized_pics: Elizabeth Taylor pictured in 1956.

bear_roar: “Elizabeth Taylor rather stole your thunder didn’t she...”

Spring202011: Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Gianni Bozzacchi, 1972

lauriecrosswell: I may not remember my passwords, but I can name all of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands.

TrudyAmir: Vintage ELIZABETH TAYLOR RING, 22 K Overlay Ring Size 8, Avon Brilliance Ring,Gold Pave Ring,Retired Avon Jewelry

AshaFlingai: In a mood, I turn on Elizabeth Taylor.

Stormm_Art: New artwork for sale! - "Elizabeth Taylor" -

CharlesCasillo: Elizabeth Taylor in one of her many stages of beauty.

itsstevenhudson: The Truth Behind Elizabeth Taylor's 8 Failed Marriages

eclipse_ne: Team leaders Brenna Fredricks .750 5 rbis. Kate Kroeger.556 3 rbis. Elizabeth Pavelka.545 3rbis. Paige Wright .444 4rbis. Taylor Hardy .400 6rbis. Marissa Cruz .300 5rbis. Kerrigan Wonder .300 2rbis and pitching 3-1 on weekend averaged a strikeout per inning

ChristineGenio3: Muslims do NOT see the unbelievers as “brother and sisters”! I am so sick and tired of people like this trying to put lipstick on a big ugly phucking hog and then insisting it’s Elizabeth Taylor…

J0DIEF0STER: very close to forcing my grandma to watch elizabeth taylor’s entire filmography for evelyn hugo purposes…

killingxjane: hey guys!! I’m looking for new mutuals so if you stan any of these people/shows, then let’s be moots!! Taylor Swift Olivia Rodrigo Lorde Sara Bareilles Killing Eve Jodie Comer Sandra Oh Bly Manor Victoria Pedretti Amelia Eve WandaVision Elizabeth Olsen Aubrey Plaza

ClassicPixs: Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean, 1955

JulieCa00848590: Just watched the fab dame Joan Collins on piers Morgan’s life stories when I was younger I use to get her and Elizabeth Taylor confused

gunerih2: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?- Stars: Elizabeth Taylor,Richard Burton,George Segal,Sandy Dennis

MeganMcGurk: Elizabeth’s contract included: A million dollar salary plus 10% of gross First class travel & lodging $3000 a week expenses Two days off per month for her period $50,000 per week if over schedule Shot in Todd-AO (she owned) A 16 mm print Catch ep 95:

MovieReviewBot2: In a sequel to a gripping drama from BET, Larry King rides a sloppy doorman, the final role for Elizabeth Taylor. (☆☆☆)

EsotericaAgency: New artwork for sale! - "Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood Legend" -

cjubarrington: Elizabeth Taylor on the set of The Girl Who Had Everything (1953)

otongshop: “Success is a great deodorant.” Elizabeth Taylor

historydailypix: Elizabeth Taylor photographed in Los Angeles by Helmut Newton, 1989.

CHC_1927: Elizabeth Taylor helps Lassie sign a contract, 1943.

cyrilwoodcock: No thoughts just Elizabeth Taylor in REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE

cherrylippedros: Elizabeth Taylor Avon jewelry set, Love Blooms clip earrings ring bracelet, Russian matte gold, ring US 7.5, 1995 vintage

MrBushman1: Elizabeth Taylor in a 1956 photo by Richard Avedon for LOOK magazine

ToroHH2: I feel like Elizabeth Taylor At the after party In a room full of strangers Just me and my Bacardi I've loved, I've lost, and loved again But here I am, here I stand I've loved, I've lost, and loved again But here I am, another lesson learned

SassMouthDames: Fox president Spyros Skouras raged for months over the budget. One night, Elizabeth asked 'What do you care how much Cleopatra costs? Fox pictures have been lousy. At least this one will be great--though expensive'. Listen back to NEW podcast ep 95:

Lords103: Why would you think Elizabeth Taylor can help you with your SIM Card issues?

ElizabethTaylor: Happy Father’s Day! Elizabeth is pictured here with her father, Frances, in the dressing room while filming Love Is Better Than Ever.

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor and joan collins at the 59th annual academy awards in 1987.

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor and richard burton photographed in her beloved london by milton greene, 1963. it was around this time that elizabeth filmed a 58-minute film “elizabeth taylor in london”, paying tribute to the sights of the city though prose + poetry.

swingofthings77: Watching Giant. Must have been quite a film at the time. James Dean's mumbling shuffling character and Rock Hudson's laconic Texan contrast with the vibrant/ strident femininity of Elizabeth Taylor. John Wayne fans might have walked out of the cinema. Something was in the air.

erbeivore: The Nanny giving us Elizabeth Taylor and Rosie O’Donnell in the same episode??? The power that that has…

Joseph2237J: Famous friends Elizabeth Taylor and Micheal Jackson and Roddy McDowell

gallerybowie: Bowie with Elizabeth Taylor, 1975 by Terry O'Neill

guise_and_dolls: Trying to find a basic black, sleeveless, button-down blouse that isn't baggy or frumpy is proving to be like trying to find a flea in a haystack. I just want to feel like Elizabeth Taylor, y'all.

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor by gianni bozzacchi, 1969.

AllOnFire: A Passion for Life: The Biography of Elizabeth Taylor - Audiobook Download - Author: Donald Spoto; Narrator: C.M. Hbert; Format: Audio Book (Digital Audiobook Download)

Spacereportern1: Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift

Atrydka: "Nobody has been more beautiful on screen since Elizabeth Taylor." Amy Pascal about Timothée Chalamet

SkincareNetAu: Elizabeth Taylor Passion Eau de Toilette Spray 74ml

jewelryshed_sh: You can't cry on a diamond's shoulder, and diamonds won't keep you warm at night, but they're sure fun when the sun shines. Elizabeth Taylor

winonasfilm: the fact that elizabeth taylor and stevie nicks were friends hurts my brain

BritishVogue: Elizabeth Taylor frequently dipped into her unrivalled personal jewellery collection to embellish her characters’s costumes.

pages_and_pages: So, The Sting but instead of Paul Newman it's Elizabeth Taylor, and instead of Robert Redford it's who?

robjeny: Watching "Father of the Bride" from 1950 with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. It is so funny.

BobSnz: Watching the original “Father of the Bride” with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday night with my own bride.

ScubaDiva: Elizabeth Taylor...Spencer Tracey... both flawless in Father of the Bride A wedding costing $5,000! Lol

shna1963: 13 Dazzling Scenes That Prove Elizabeth Taylor’s Own Jewels Were Her Greatest Co-Stars

bigtickHK: Review | Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift’s bond is still fascinating after all these years - Elizabeth and Monty: The Untold Story of Their Intimate Friendship by Charles Casillo 

LudwigVonDrake8: 2. Father of the Bride (1950), directed by Vincente Minnelli, starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor and Don Taylor

atjarchive: aaron taylor johnson with elizabeth olsen and bryan cranston at san diego comic con in 2013

DefenseMjj: Footage of paparazzi flying over Neverland during Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding that Michael hosted in 1991 as well as a fan parachuting onto his property SMH

smartie_mhdia: okay y'all i want some new moots, so follow and interact if you like billie eilish top taylor swift gilmore girls supernatural the magicians outlander minecraft simplynailogical ssniperwolf gloom moriah elizabeth even if you are lgbtqa+ follow me let's be moots!

NCMOULY4: Rhea Kapoor On The Eternal Beauty Of Diamonds And Elizabeth Taylor's Sparkling Legacy

SteelyDass: Elizabeth Taylor | Make-up Scene | 1974 | Identikit (The Driver's Seat)

l_ackman: 2/3 June 19, 2020 trump news Facebook pulls trump campaign ads over symbol used by nazis. Mary Elizabeth Taylor, State Department official resigns over trump's response to racial injustice. Air Force investigates use of military aircraft to improperly monitor protests.

Factsofw0rld: According to her last wishes, Elizabeth Taylor arrived late for her own funeral.

ChibuikeChined4: still broke records. Most sold concerts, most sold album, most decorated artist, Grammy awards, Princess Diana's friend, Elizabeth Taylor's friend. Many Country's Presidents invited him for deals, charitable events and image rights. The great Nelson Mandela of South Africa,

jerrylembo: Happy Birthday Brielle Daniele, Chris Wragge, Dave Hanson, Drew Murray, Elizabeth Derringer, Emiko C-Mussic, Ernie Lombardi, Guy Brogna, Jay Philpott, Jeff Garrison, Les Sabler, Mario Fernandez, Michelle Cucci, Rasa Alksninis-Mokhoff, Rich Schmidt, Scott Taylor, Tony Waitekus.

MSimoneBoyd: Major thanks CM Brandon Taylor, Eric Brown & Daniel Ryan for bringing this to Elizabeth Park, Lonnell Matthews for helping us get access to the park (waaay back under the Barry admin) and my amazing husband that‘s held onto hope for what this public space could be.

MeganMcGurk: Fox built a massive bungalow for Elizabeth Taylor in Rome, consisting of a lounge, a wig room, a dressing room, a makeup salon with bath and shower, and an office for her ‘busboy’ husband. At the end of the tour, she quipped, ‘Isn’t this a bit much?’ New podcast episode tomorrow!

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor takes a break during the filming of “cat on a hot tin roof”, 1958.

CHANNINGPOSTERS: One of the great portraits of Elizabeth Taylor.

EpouseAvecP3n1s: Now I’m watching The Taming Of The Shrew. Elizabeth Taylor was so pretty on gawd.

HGACinema: Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor watching a movie at the Palace Theatre in New York City on 26 October, 1951.

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