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goodold03754226: Elizabeth Taylor tends to her makeup on the set of Suddenly, Last Summer, 1959.

MichaelWarbur17: Elizabeth Taylor - 1985 by Helmut Newton

Joshuacagose: Paul Newman y Elizabeth Taylor. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958.

VoxSMauritii: Accepted for development by American Zoetrope but abandoned in 1982 when Coppola went belly up with "One From the Heart." Elizabeth Taylor had agreed to play the count's mother who was reputed to have been the most beautiful woman of her time.

521crazy1: You find out who your real friends are when you’re involved in a scandal.” – Elizabeth Taylor ZIDDI DILS WANT ZDMN2

RobbReport: The 18-karat yellow gold and platinum piece features pink and blue sapphires, alongside white diamonds, for $88,500.

MerbiMp: Roddy McDowall, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Powell y Scotty Beckett.

HGACinema: Elizabeth Taylor, 1948. Photo by Philippe Halsman.

rylcarl1: Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton / Cleopatra & Mark Anthony

rylcarl1: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton rare pictures

sneakers1957: While all of the brides have been gorgeous, in my opinion Elizabeth Taylor will always be heartstopping.

KaylaAncrum: You know how everyone is like “ooo I wonder whose coochie has Hosier acting up like that. Which daughter of Athena has him moaning about crawling up from hell.” Whatever type of lady that is, is what I assume was going on with Elizabeth Taylor.

Fionadawes6You: Elizabeth Taylor is dying in bed yeah

Noirchick1: When a wild woman needs ropin'! James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor clowning around on the set of "Giant" (1956)

Fionadawes6You: Yes I am American I’m related to Elizabeth Taylor is my real aunt

Fionadawes6You: No Taylor not Elizabeth

Fionadawes6You: I know Elizabeth Taylor is my aunt in real life ok love fiona dawes

BreakingCasting: IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL UPDATE: United Artists has released a statement: “We sincerely apologize. We were unaware at the time of casting that Elizabeth Taylor had died in 2011 at the age of 79."

TheOldHollywood: Rod Taylor, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor during a break from filming on the set of Giant (1956)

StreamingVideo_: The movie The Flintstones (HD) went on sale today for $9.99 on iTunes Starring: John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Elizabeth Perkins, Rosie O'Donnell, Elizabeth Taylor

Anita87092223: Elizabeth Taylor Makes Her Only Appearance on Carson Tonight Show

alexisj_smith: Someone told me my dog was like the Elizabeth Taylor of dogs

LauSMiguel: Viernes [Elizabeth Taylor por Helmut Newton, 1989]

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor in her chalet in gstaad, 1960s.

JoeKienlen: Elizabeth Taylor Makes Her Only Appearance on Carson Tonight Show

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor facing the paparazzi - still in her eye makeup from “cleopatra” - during a short trip to paris, january 1962.

Noirchick1: Elizabeth Taylor in a stunning colorization...

Peter_Bogert: In de jaren 60 werkte ze onder meer met James Garner (Grand Prix en 36 Hours), Elizabeth Taylor en Richard Burton (The Sandpiper), Gregory Peck (The Stalking Moon) en George Segal (Loving).

dav1drush: Elizabeth Taylor and her mother Sara Sothern upon arrival at Southampton, August 1947

EstateCollector: Check out Father of the Bride Spencer Tracy Joan Bennett Elizabeth Taylor MGM Classic vhs

CitizenScreen: Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Suddenly Last Summer. June, 1959.

flyrebel: I do miss the time where we had true fashion icons a la Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor,

SlayerOfSouls23: Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Revere, and Donald Crisp in National Velvet 1944 Directed by Clarence Brown A 12-year-old, horse-crazy girl, Velvet Brown, wins a spirited gelding in a raffle and decides to train him for the Grand National steeplechase.

otongshop: “Success is a great deodorant.” Elizabeth Taylor

gen_doctor: New artwork for sale! - "Elizabeth Taylor Abstract Portriat" -

ANGUSRAZE: The Elizabeth Holmesification of Taylor Swift

MovieMerchMania: Stunning Beauty Elizabeth Taylor Vintage 1950s Relaxed Glamorous Photograph

vintagehell: elizabeth taylor struggles to read from the teleprompter even in hell

PostcardGenie: Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra gets my vote. A blockbusting Taylor-esque performance in a film known more for its inaccuracies, dalliances and out of control budget than anything else.

Suzanne08253534: Elizabeth Taylor & Mike Nichols

LissaKEvans: Elizabeth Taylor wielding her jewelled hammer and whacking the nail on the head, as usual.

moniaaahmed: The one and only Elizabeth Taylor


StreamingVideo_: The movie Giant went on sale today for $4.99 on a couple of the streaming services. The movie stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Carroll Baker, Jane Withers, Chill Wills, Mercedes McCambridge, Sal Mineo, Dennis Hopper

dbfaceofreality: These Spontaneous Photos Of David Bowie And Movie Star Elizabeth Taylor Are Adorable

dbfaceofreality: The First Time David Bowie Met Elizabeth Taylor

wordrefiner: This is an amazing story! How everything worked out so a dad and mom dealing with cancer could help their daughter meet her idol. My review:

DrPopCultureBG: Reference photo of Elizabeth Taylor from Suddenly Last Summer (1959) used for the cover of Passion’s Greatest Trap.

vishawwn: Taylor Sloane Elizabeth Olsen

ero_art_72: After James, Elizabeth Taylor was next. Both beautiful & stylish she symbolised the traditional beauty. Having been married eight times, she also sort to break tradition. Her iconic movies roles like cleopatra saw her as a star brighter than most.

Orbit907Music: Now playing: Pete Yorn, Elizabeth Taylor

jacdeswilliams: 1966: Actor: Paul Scofield - A Man for All Seasons (winner) Actress: Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (winner) S. Actor: Robert Shaw - A Man for All Seasons S. Actress: Wendy Hiller - A Man for All Seasons

bot11763235: Matthew Morrison the marketing specialist is Rolling the dice and ends up losing his family but is RKOed through the wall of an orphanage by Elizabeth Taylor.

daydr3amer21: If saying I'm sorry were Elizabeth Taylor saying hello in A Place in the Sun and Tostitos was unafraid of the next 5 years, then I would be happy.

RobertJ46587151: That is supposed to say Elizabeth Taylor. Unfortunately Twitter doesn't give the option to edit a Tweet.

BritishVogue: Although she walked down the aisle eight times, only once did she do it in a traditional gown.

Orbit907Music: Now playing: Pete Yorn, Elizabeth Taylor

pulmyears: On Elizabeth Taylor's first day on set on The Flintstones (1994) she was greeted with 30 bouquets of flowers, a Cartier watch, a prehistoric bowling ball engraved with her name, a bottle of her Passion perfume, redesigned in Bedrock-style fashion. This bottle appears in the film.

badastridd: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor photographed for the June 16th 1970 issue of Look magazine.

sabrinacartan: Today I learned that Elizabeth Taylor's final film was... The Flintstones (1994).

aed4368: Check out Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies 100ml Eau de Toilette Spray for Women - New

perfumestw: Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond Eau De Toilette 100 ml


MichaelMcK1951: Warner Bros. released the entire spoken soundtrack on a 2-record set of the explosive "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal & Sandy Dennis. Released 1966.

daminionbob: this show has lived more lives than elizabeth taylor

s1mplys1m: i can watch the say say say mv n mj’s ily song for elizabeth taylor all day. LITERALLY LOOK.

WillnerAnja: All* Elizabeth Taylor novels ranked: (*well the six I've read so far) 1. Angel 2. A Game of Hide and Seek 3. A View of the Harbor 4. At Mrs. Lippincote’s 5. A Wreath of Roses 6. The Sleeping Beauty

credenzaclear2: I have the same mars/venus combination as marilyn monroe and elizabeth taylor

letxugas: Elizabeth taylor en 4k. ❤️

bestofliztaylor: elizabeth taylor photographed for “elephant walk” (1954)

NextOnTCM_PT: A DATE WITH JUDY (1948) Wallace Beery, Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor. Dir: Richard Thorpe 1:45 PM PT A teenager thinks her grandfather is involved with a fiery Latin singer. 1h 53m | Musical | TV-G

melaurdrarchive: WANDA MAXIMOFF - THE SCARLET WITCH (portrayed by elizabeth olsen) song — taylor swift - mad woman

dav1drush: Elizabeth Taylor in her dressing room at Cinecittà Studios in Rome during production of Cleopatra (1963)

NextOnTCM: A DATE WITH JUDY (1948) Wallace Beery, Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor. Dir: Richard Thorpe 4:45 PM ET A teenager thinks her grandfather is involved with a fiery Latin singer. 1h 53m | Musical | TV-G

NextOnTCM_PT: THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING (1953) Elizabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas, William Powell. Dir: Richard Thorpe 3:45 PM PT A criminal lawyer's daughter falls for one of his clients. 1h 9m | Drama | TV-G

broeikaseffekt: Lily Tomlin in a skit calling Elizabeth Taylor beautiful

NextOnTCM: THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING (1953) Elizabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas, William Powell. Dir: Richard Thorpe 6:45 PM ET A criminal lawyer's daughter falls for one of his clients. 1h 9m | Drama | TV-G

AlliApplebum: Elizabeth Taylor behind the scenes of A DATE WITH JUDY (1948)

PrincepSindibad: Elizabeth Taylor wearing the authentic northern Russia traditional outfit of Novgorod, Moscow, Archangelsk, of s. XVII-XVIII

IEphemera: Got busy yesterday, so it took me two days to list these Elizabeth Taylor postcards -

CharismaAlasta1: I love Elizabeth Taylor's kind of perfume. I'm addicted to perfumes with a bathroom with my feminine touch of class pleases my Spirit...

bot11763235: Elizabeth Taylor the air conditioning installer is donating money but is RKOed through the wall of an orphanage by Beyoncé Knowles.


Orbit907Music: Now playing: Pete Yorn, Elizabeth Taylor

LissaKEvans: I am reading Elizabeth Taylor in dappled sunlight.

arumugachandras: Can't Tammu's pair of eyes compete with Hollywood 's Elizabeth Taylor's pair for beauty and win? Compare the previous picture of Tammu!

BrianHu90135963: La Peregrina ( the pilgrim) is a large natural pearl that was once in the Spanish crown jewels. Richard Burton gave it as a gift to Elizabeth Taylor. Below are Elizabeth and Margaret of Austria both wearing the pearl. Who wore it better?

kzyrsong1: Playing Elizabeth Taylor by Pete Yorn

YukonRestoule: Could the US be kicked out of the UN for the decision of its Supreme Court? Not like the US willingly participated with the UN anyways, huh? They had a Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor relationship from the initial formation of the League of Nations.

nytimes: In Opinion "If we sound angry and alarmed, that’s because we are. This decision is devastating — and we have seen what happens next," Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith write. "We both lived in an America where abortion was illegal."

WRUVplaystream: "Elizabeth Taylor" - Pete Yorn

affectingbot: Cry like Elizabeth Taylor out on the end of the quay… I fell in love with a sailor, a sailor in love with the sea.

jack_speirs_: Shut your pissing mouth Elizabeth Taylor

FXMC1957: 26 June 1974. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton divorced for the first time. They remarried on 10 October 1975, and then divorced again for good in 1976. The couple had first married in 1964. Burton was Taylor’s 5th husband, she was his 2nd wife.

VanoKlertiashvi: On the set of "Cleopatra" - Elizabeth Taylor, 1962.

VanoKlertiashvi: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra (1963)

VanoKlertiashvi: Elizabeth Taylor and Rex Harrison in Cleopatra (1963)

networktweets: Newly-remastered in High Definition from original film elements, Elizabeth Taylor in London [Blu-ray] is available to order now. Order today:

Lea04806953: Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique. - Elizabeth Taylor ✨

Justice78602373: “It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.” – Elizabeth Taylor Karma Strikes Back In SSRCase

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