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Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Next Stop Siberia Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Published Date: 2012-06
Categories: Historical fiction
This true story is based on the testament and experience of a family who, having been caught up in the outbreak of the Second World War in Poland, were deported by the Soviets to the frozen wastelands of Russia's Siberian Gulag labour camps, where they endured unimaginable danger, abuse and deprivation. This was the holocaust perpetrated by Russia, unpublicised and forgotten. The family suffered with courage and determination, using their initiative and resourcefulness to cope with all the obstacles and challenges which they faced to merely exist and survive on a daily basis.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Hester Lily and Other Stories Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Virago Modern Classics
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Fiction
The title story shows a headmaster's elegant wife suffering torments of jealousy when his gawky young cousin comes to live with them. Why is it that her sophistication seems unable to compete with Hester's naivety? Elsewhere we see the mute agonies of a long marriage; the emotional deserts lurking in the English countryside; and old ruffian's sense of suffocation in a genteel community for the blind; or the freshness and oddity of children's perceptions. In this, her first collection of short stories, Elizabeth Taylor charts the territory she so triumphantly claimed as her own.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book A House Divided Authors: Elizabeth Taylor Walden
Published Date: 2004-09
Categories: Fiction
This was the story of a young girl, Lil, who grew up in an era where secrets were kept to protect the innocent. Lil was born in Ft. Valley, Georgia and raised under the guidance of her Mama Mertis, and Daddy Roy, who she thought to be her natural dad. She couldn

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book The Blush and Other Stories Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Published Date: 1986
Categories: English fiction
Short stories. Author pursues the nuances of ordinary life with compassion and wit.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Quixstar Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Published Date: 2017-04-29
Quixstar - A Novel is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1873. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and other genres. As a publisher we focus on the preservation of historical literature. Many works of historical writers and scientists are available today as antiques only. Hansebooks newly publishes these books and contributes to the preservation of literature which has become rare and historical knowledge for the future.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book You'll Enjoy it when You Get There Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Published Date: 2014
Categories: Fiction
Offers a selection of the author's short stories that often deal with everyday English domestic life and its nuanced emotional undercurrents.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Spellbinder Authors: Elizabeth Taylor George
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Published Date: 2002-11-01
Categories: Fiction
HOPE IN A BOTTLE. Marial Barnsworth's last chance for happiness rests in an alchemist's promise. Will this final suitor be beguiled or will he see the truth? When Jerrod fails to make an issue of her imperfection, suddenly miracles seem possible. But miracles are short lived when her husband ceases to desire her. How can she change his mind and his heart? More importantly, how can she keep her own heart from breaking? THERE'S SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT MARIAL. Though Jerrod Hawkwood is delighted with his bride, he can't allow himself to be ensnared in her spell. He's a warrior. He has to keep his mind on an upcoming tournament and not let a slip of a girl take advantage of his weakness for her. But Marial persists in making him mad with desire. Forcing himself to keep her at a distance, how long must he wait until she seduces him?

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book The Wedding Group Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Virago Press
Published Date: 1985
Categories: Fiction
Cressy has grown up in a world of women, presided over by her eccentric, artistic grandfather - Harry Bretton. Rebelling against the wholesome, organic values of her home life, Cressy decides to leave home in search of more ephemeral pleasures. Taking a job in an antiques shop, she meets David, a self-satisfied journalist, also looking for means of flying the family nest. But as Cressy cannot fend for herself and David is securely tied to his mother's apron strings, this act of escape for both of them proves a powerful form of bondage.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book The Sleeping Beauty Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Hachette UK
Published Date: 2011-11-03
Categories: Fiction
INTRODUCED BY DAVID BADDIEL 'Elizabeth Taylor is finally being recognised as an important British author: an author of great subtlety, great compassion and great depth. As a reader, I have found huge pleasure in returning to Taylor's novels and short stories many times over. As a writer I've returned to her too - in awe of her achievements, and trying to work out how she does it' SARAH WATERS Vinny Tumulty is a quiet, sensible man. When he goes to stay at a seaside town, his task is to comfort Isabella, a bereaved friend, and and he is prepared for a solemn few days of tears and consolation. But on the evening of his arrival, he looks out of the window at the sunset and catches sight of a beautiful woman walking by the seashore. Before the week is over Vinny has fallen in love, completely and utterly, for the first time in his middle-aged life. Emily, though, is a sleeping beauty, her secluded life hiding bitter secrets from the past.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book In A Summer Season Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Hachette UK
Published Date: 2011-07-07
Categories: Fiction
In a Summer Season is one of Elizabeth Taylor's finest novels in which, in a moving and powerful climax, she reveals love to be the thing it is: beautiful, often funny, and sometimes tragic. 'You taste of rain', he said, kissing her. 'People say I married her for her money', he thought contentedly, and for the moment was full of the self-respect that loving her had given him. Kate Heron is a wealthy, charming widow who marries, much to the disapproval of friends and neighbours, a man ten years her junior: the attractive, feckless Dermot. Then comes the return of Kate's old friend Charles - intelligent, kind and now widowed, with his beautiful young daughter. Kate watches happily as their two families are drawn together, finding his presence reassuringly familiar, but slowly she becomes aware of subtle undercurrents that begin to disturb the calm surface of their friendship. Before long, even she cannot ignore the gathering storm . . .

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book At Mrs. Lippincote's Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Published Date: 1945
Categories: English fiction
Mrs. Lippincote's house, with its mahogany furniture and yellowing photographs, stands as a reminder of all the certainties that have vanished with the advent of war. Temporarily, this is home for Julia, who has joined her husband Roddy at the behest of the RAF. Although she can accept the pomposities of service life, Julia's honesty and sense of humor prevent her from taking her role as seriously as her husband might wish; for Roddy, merely love cannot suffice--he needs homage as well as admiration. And Julia, while she may be a most unsatisfactory officer's wife, is certainly no hypocrite.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book A Wreath Of Roses Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Hachette UK
Published Date: 2011-09-29
Categories: Fiction
INTRODUCED BY HELEN DUNMORE Elizabeth Taylor's darkest novel . . . She writes with a sensuous richness of language that draws the reader down the most shadowy paths . . . Extremely beguiling. Taylor makes the living moment present, touchable, disturbing, enchanting - Helen Dunmore Spending the holiday with friends, as she has for many years, Camilla finds that their private absorptions - Frances with her painting and Liz with her baby - seem to exclude her from the gossipy intimacies of previous summers. Anxious that she will remain encased in her solitary life as a school secretary, and perhaps to spite of her friends, Camilla steps into an unlikely liaison with Richard Elton, a handsome, assured - and dangerous - liar. Elizabeth Taylor's darkest novel is a skillful exploration of the danger we'll go to to avoid loneliness. Taylor is increasingly recognised as one of the best writers of the twentieth century, and this little-known novel displays her range admirably.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book A Dedicated Man, and Other Stories Authors: Elizabeth Taylor, Joanna Kingham
Published Date: 1965
Categories: Short stories, English
A collection of stories by the author of "The Sleeping Beauty", "Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont", "The Soul of Kindness", "In a Summer Season" and "Angel".

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published Date: 2002-09-30
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Profiles the film star's collection of jewelry, providing descriptions of her most noteworthy pieces and describing their representation of particular relationships and events in her life.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Voices of Camp Forrest in World War II Authors: Dr. Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Published Date: 2019-11-11
Categories: History
Camp Forrest was a World War II induction, training and prisoner of war facility in Tullahoma. The self-sustained city was home to seventy thousand soldiers and about twelve thousand civilian employees. In 1943, the base accepted and housed German and Italian POWs. After the war ended, the base was decommissioned and dismantled. The legacy of the facility at home and abroad is still evident today. The memories of those who lived, worked, trained and grew up during this time of sacrifice and war recount a time the world has not seen since. Author Elizabeth Taylor uses numerous personal interviews, newspaper articles, diaries and biographies to tell the stories of those who lived through the era.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Lamia, a Witch Authors: Georgia Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Fiction
A tale set in sixteenth-century France follows the destiny of a young witch, Lamia, and her three male champions as they battle the brutal Inquisition and a superstitious world that fears their uncanny powers

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Elizabeth Taylor's Nibbles and Me Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published Date: 2011-05-31
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
In 1946, Elizabeth Taylor -- then fourteen and a major star at MGM -- published a book about her pet chipmunk, Nibbles. With wit, charm, and remarkable skill, she related the adventures and mishaps of her high-spirited friend. She and Nibbles were virtually inseparable during the shooting of National Velvet and other films; in fact the chipmunk almost got to appear in Courage of Lassie -- but he was so well behaved that he didn't look real, and his scene was cut! Recounted here are such stories as the happiest birthday of her life, when she was given King Charles, the horse who was called The Pi in National Velvet, because only Elizabeth could ride him.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book The Devastating Boys and Other Stories Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Published Date: 1985
Categories: Short stories, English
The protagonists of these eleven short tales find themselves stripped of private illusions as they confront unusual situations

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book Dangerous Calm Authors: Elizabeth Taylor
Publisher: Hachette UK
Published Date: 2012-12-06
Categories: Fiction
In 1945 the publication of AT MRS LIPPINCOTE'S launched Elizabeth Taylor's career. The author of twelve novels and four collections of short stories, she excelled at unravelling the comedy of ordinary life. DANGEROUS CALM draws on her volumes of short stories to produce a fine selection of her work. Stories such as 'Summer Schools', 'Flesh' and 'The Devastating Boys' confirm her status as one of the finest short story writers. This selection also features two previously unpublished stories and three uncollected ones, including the late, poignant tale, 'The Wrong Order'. Together they celebrate a formidable stylist whose work has delighted readers and critics for fifty years.

Elizabeth Taylor Books, Elizabeth Taylor poetry book The Braemar Highlands Authors: Elizabeth Taylor (novelist )
Published Date: 2020-04-22
This is a reproduction of the original artefact. Generally these books are created from careful scans of the original. This allows us to preserve the book accurately and present it in the way the author intended. Since the original versions are generally quite old, there may occasionally be certain imperfections within these reproductions. We're happy to make these classics available again for future generations to enjoy!

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