Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal God Poems

  • 1.
    O mother, open the window wide
    And let the daylight in;
    The hills grow darker to my sight
    And thoughts begin to swim.
  • 2.
    Oh never weep for love thatâ??s dead
    Since love is seldom true
    But changes his fashion from blue to red,
    From brightest red to blue,
  • 3.
    Life and night are falling from me,
    Death and day are opening on me,
    Wherever my footsteps come and go,
    Life is a stony way of woe.
  • 4.
    O silent wood, I enter thee
    With a heart so full of misery
    For all the voices from the trees
    And the ferns that cling about my knees.
  • 5.
    O God, forgive me that I ranged
    My live into a dream of love!
    Will tears of anguish never wash
    The passion from my blood?
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