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LucyMoynihan: Really interesting to see that Edward Applewhaite, of the Barbados Literary Society bequeathed his share in the association to his oldest son, Thomas, in his will. Seems to say a lot about the importance of the institution in the lives of its proprietors!

CUSpecialColls: We are very privileged to be custodians of Edward Thomas' archive - and it's out pleasure to share that privilege with our readers. So glad you were able to spend time with the archive today, Suzanne - encounters with collections like these stay with you.

terror_exe: thomas armitage/edward little, Came Back Wrong, pre-relationship, slow pining

friscoupdates: See more than 20 photos courtesy of Thomas Edward Photography from Tuesday night's volleyball match between Frisco Wakeland and Prosper.

starlocalmedia: See more than 20 photos courtesy of Thomas Edward Photography from Tuesday night's volleyball match between Frisco Wakeland and Prosper.

avi_cd: Thomas Edward Patrick thinking about walking away again?

wcjournal: Thomas Eugene Medders, age 72, passed away on Thursday, July 28, 2022, at his home in Webster County, Mississippi. He was born on May 5, 1950, to the late Robert Edward and Hattie A. Medders....


BonnieT06556986: Samuel Fuller born in Eng. Signer Mayflower Compact. His lineage goes to Mary Avery Fuller who married Thomas Millard III. Their daughter Sarah married my Edward Wyatt Turner my 5gr grandfather. His brother Edward a signer- ancestor to Georgia O'Keeffe.

MartinOdimaJr: Don't cry to give up, cry to keep going. ― Eric Thomas

RBReich: I know there is a lot going on, but Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was directly involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Just thought I should remind everyone of that.

singhS__: Thomas Edward.

RicardoPozzo: Thomas Edward Lawrence

PencilTalkPod: We hear you loud and clear, Antonio. We hereby call for a lifetime ban from all things football related for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. effective immediately

scottpa61363756: Currently looking for a scammer based in Switzerland. Calls him self Thomas Edward green jr and works for a scam company called crypto

NWR_Number_5: Edward! Edward was a S&M engine when he first came to sodor, when the S&M formed with the other railways he was sold off to the fatt controller, thats why thomas is number one as he was technically the first engine bought, not the first engine to arrive

hayspost: Betty Louise Wiltfong: Betty Louise Foley Wiltfong was born on January 10, 1935. Her parents were Walt and Rose Fritz Foley. She had six siblings: Edward Foley, Alice Horner, Donald “Jack” Foley, Dale Foley, Joyce Foley, and Thomas Foley. Betty passed…

derrickjeter: On this day in Texas history, in 1899, outlaw and San Saba native Thomas Edward "Black Jack" Ketchum was captured after a botched train robbery in New Mexico. He was sentenced to death and was hanged at Clayton, NM on April 26, 1901. He was decapitated at rope's end.

DavidCranmerUn1: Daniel Sickles. Francis Scott Key married Mary Tayloe Lloyd on January 1, 1802, daughter of Edward Lloyd IV of Wye House and Elizabeth Tayloe, daughter of John Tayloe II of Mount Airy and sister of John Tayloe III of The Octagon House. Thomas Hunt Morgan was born in Lexington,

StateDept: The Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for the 2023 Fellowship. The Fellowship values varied backgrounds and prepares outstanding young people for Foreign Service careers. Learn more:

Spokane_News: Spokane Man Sentenced for COVID-19 Relief Fraud Vanessa R. Waldref, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, announced that Roshon Edward Thomas, age 42, of Spokane, was sentenced to a 5-year term of probation in federal court for fraudulently obtaining

FBISeattle: Spokane Man Sentenced to Probation for COVID-19 Relief Fraud: Roshon Edward Thomas of Spokane has been sentenced to a 5-year term of probation for fraudulently obtaining COVID-19 relief funding for small businesses.

WestRail642fan: I want to see a railway series story based around this image of Edward Thomas meeting her clone on the Corris

indyrefolizer: ????????????????????????????????????Edward Thomas Black on Twitter

121reggae: Ted Hibberd, Canadian ice hockey player, Died at 91 Thomas Edward Hibberd was born on April 22, 1926, and

renaymholiday: Shared by Renay holiday patient right replacement 8-15-20 updated with the Edward Thomas police department Chief Art.Acedevo on file with the other records at the police department exrays discharge hospital information preop and after surgery

amouthfulofair: ‘The iambic tetrameter is running free, like a puppy in the fields!’ Hear Mark read and discuss ‘Adlestrop’:

1superphantom1: When u draw a basically perfect edward thomas

JohnHer49389874: Courtney Herron's killer set for day trips from mental hospital

RyanHaecker: Born this day August 16 in 1888, Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, British archaeologist, army officer, diplomat, and writer, who became renowned for his role in the Arab Revolt and the Sinai and Palestine Campaign against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

DemonOfNowhere: * ( TTTE ) * flo released a lovely edward thomas model on IER and you should go get it =)

Freddyfazbeer1: Just now I was in line for a concert and no joke when I say this, the metal detector guys in the front thought I had a weapon on me, it was only until someone else told them did they realize that I had a wooden Thomas train in my pocket. THEY THOUGHT EDWARD WAS A BOMB!

wikipediachain: Sydney > Thomas Watling > Dumfries > Ruthwell > Kirkpatrick-Fleming > Wigtown > John Balliol, 5th Baron de Balliol > George Edward Cokayne > Genealogist > War of 1812 > Northwestern United States > History of the United States (1789–1849) > Samuel Slater > Tenant farm > Corvée

WeberNorm: In the Brunswick Invitational St. Edward linkmen finish third of 18 teams, Thomas Marshall is medalist with an 84

crimsoooo: artificial intelligence art will never be as good as REAL art because when is a machine going to create something as raw as Thomas Jefferson hatsune miku bider

gixrard: I’m a die hard Brady hater but come on man he’s the GOAT. The Manning & Rodgers comparison are just empty narratives the media drives to sell some TV time. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr >>>>>>>>>>>

Louangie: The family that accidentally bought one of the most beautiful castles in Wales - Wales Online The castle, which dates back to at least the 13th century and has had previous owners that include Sir Rhys ap Thomas and King Edward I, …

Knapfordstudio: I wanted show these Custom Thomas faces I drew in my room,I already done Edward and planning to do Henry.


terror_exe: edward little and thomas armitage. Imagine!

vivirfilosofia: NACE THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE 16 AUG 1888

op109: Happy Birthday Thomas Edward Lawrence Born 8.16.1888 On November 26, 1916 Lawrence, a junior member of the British government's Arab Bureau during World War I publishes a detailed report analyzing the revolt led by the Arab leader Sherif Hussein against the Ottoman Empire in 1916

ingo_don: — Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence of Arabia (Tremadog, 16/8/1888 - 19/5/1935, Bovington Camp) british archaeologist, army officer, diplomat & writer. He is known for his role in the Arab Revolt & the Sinai and Palestine Campaign against the Ottoman Empire during the 1. WW. —

stevenworth: Thomas Tuchel: "When you shake hands, you look into each other's eyes. Antonio had a different opinion."

dalston_boy: T.E.Lawrence (Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence) b.16 August 1888 in Tremadog, Wales. Died 1935 in Dorset aged 46. Archaeologist, writer, diplomat & soldier. Lawrence of Arabia.

JackCarrUSA: Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as T.E. Lawrence and recognized throughout the world as “Lawrence of Arabia” was born on this day in 1888.

PapillonNoir73: Happy Birthday Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO (* 16. August 1888 in Tremadog, Wales; 19. Mai 1935 in Clouds Hill, England)!

OspreyBooks: On this day in 1888 Thomas Edward Lawrence, know as 'Lawrence of Arabia' was born. He is one of the most iconic figures of the First World War, seen by many as a heroic and romantic guerrilla leader in a period of savage and deeply impersonal industrial warfare.

FrankKhalidUK: Thomas Tuchel was not happy after the game.

3d_thomas: On the final day at the 2022 FEI Jumping World Championships, Sweden’s Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward emerged victorious. 12,000 spectators in Herning, Denmark, held their breath as von Eckermann cleared the last fence. He and the12-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding,

SirKingpinBoot: Why did you all start drawing? (1/2) Ever since I was 3, I've been obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. I use to have a handful of the old series on VHS so one time in an art class in kindergarten, I started drawing Edward (My favorite engine) my teacher was shocked at good it‐

Knapfordstudio: After Thomas and the Brithday mail Thomas and Rosie became good friends and rosie wanted to be just like Thomas which Thomas Mentor just like how Edward use to Mentor him when first arrive on sodor.

Adullamite1: BENDING, GEORGE. Private 5827417. Suffolk Reg 4th Bn. Died: 16th Sept 1943 Age: 28. BEVAN, THOMAS EDWARD. Colour Serjeant 2033192 KORR attd. King's African Rifles. Died:24th Sept 1944. Age: 29.

chenthil_nathan: "I love roads: The goddesses that dwell Far along invisible Are my favorite gods. Roads go on While we forget, and are Forgotten like a star That shoots and is gone." Edward Thomas

FXMC1957: 6 July 1917. Arabian troops led by Welsh born, Captain Thomas Edward (“TE”) Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”), captured Aqaba from the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The battle was a key part of the biopic Lawrence of Arabia.

war_poets: 15 August 1915 En route to France, Edward Thomas writes to his mother ‘I am very cheerful and am now in a very comfy 1st Class compartment with George Boswall, who is snoozing, en route for Southampton'

Quad_Cities: Thomas Edward (Tom) McAlister

ARTSalamode: Born 8/15: painter Francesco Zuccarelli, sculptors Ivan Mestovi, Richard Deacon, writers Edna Ferber, Luigi Pulci, Thomas Edward "T.E." Lawrence, Mary Jo Salter, Stieg Larsson, jazz sax Walter Blanding, jazz vocals Lorez Alexandria, singer/songwriters Jimmy Webb, Bobby Byrd.

ChomuOmu06: 8. Continuing from the talk about alternate version of TGR, in my AU, The engines that go to the Great Railway Show are Murdoch for strength, Gordon (streamlined) for speed, Thomas for shunting, Edward for unique engines (yes, I added another competition), James for decorated,

histories_arch: This oak door featured in Westminster Abbey is Britain’s oldest and only Anglo-Saxon Door. The door has been standing for over 950 years, dating back to the reign of Edward the Confessor during the 1050s. The door was made from a single oak from Eastern England in medevial times.

DrGJackBrown: Happy Monday. Indict Ginni Thomas.

BHTravel_: Born on this day, Aug 15, in 1888, Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as "Lawrence pf Arabia", the army officer, archaeologist, diplomat and author, set conspiracy theorists’ tongues wagging.

mitchjer03: Do you have some time each month you could set aside to help the Edward Thomas Fellowship - if so, please read on.

huskerlego: My first complete collection, many dont know i grew up with thomas and lego before transformers. These are all my original toys that ive had since childhood. Later down the line i made it my mission to get the twins, duck, oliver, and edward to complete the 11.

DaddyPobbin: Oedipus Rex Guests of the Nation & Irish short stories 1984 Animal Farm Mayor of Casterbridge LOTR Tale of Two Cities A streetcar named desire Danny Champion of the World Death of a Naturalist (Séamus Heaney poetry) North (Séamus Heaney poetry) Collected poems of Edward Thomas

mitchjer03: View ffom the Edward Thomas Memorial Stone this morning.

VivSarth: Combined, as Barry Cunliffe, the emeritus professor of wine, would-be doctor Thomas Edward Kill!

renaymholiday: Continue by officer holiday updated suspects cases 1282842-17-6-11-22-30 combine felonies USIC infrastructure electric energy comp.prepaid illegal ground Wireing information by suspects was updated with Troy Finner the chief Edward Thomas Police dept.hou.t,x, by officer holiday

Ttte_Matchups: Yesterday's Results: 1st. Thomas, Percy, and the Post train: 16 votes 2nd. Donald's Duck: 11 votes 3rd. Whistles and Sneezes: 8 votes 4th. Edward and Gordon: 2 votes

__daydreamaway: I suppose this is a Benophie kids head canon but I don't believe they would call their son Charles. I don't know how to explain it, it just does not feel like a name they would pick. I know these are already used but Thomas, Edward, Frederick etc feel like names they would pick.

cmg: Who is the Espionage Act mostly used against? Anti-war organizers & leftists like Eugene Debs & Emma Goldman, whistleblowers including Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Daniel Hale, John Kirakou and maybe most famously (recently) Julian Assange.

mitchjer03: Some information relating to the forthcoming Edward Thomas Literary Festival in October.

ty__happy: Going to be changing my NWR Mixed Traffic blue, for Sodor Trainspotting, to the color seen above This will effect Thomas (pre 1960 rebuild), Edward, Thornkell, and Geoffrey.

EmergingCWBlog: Emerging Civil War has selected cartographer Edward Alexander of Make Me a Map, LLC, as the recipient of this year’s Brig. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson Award. The Stevenson Award is presented to an individual or organization in recognition of outstanding

TheSudricLegend: If Bachmann makes Edward Thomas then you know what must be done

welfordwrites: Edward Grim: a brave witness of Beckett's murder. He happened to be in Canterbury Cathedral as the murderers approached the Archbishop, and was thus able to tell the story of the horror that followed.

DavidCranmerUn1: Edward VIII) had called for a closer understanding of Germany in order to safeguard peace in Europe, and in response Sir Thomas Moore, a Conservative Member of Parliament, suggested setting up a study group of pro-German MPs. From that idea emerged the Anglo-German Fellowship,

pcisafraud: I remember decades ago, DRUNKEN DEMOCRAT EDWARD KENNEDY talked about " the seriousness of the charges" in a case when he was one of the accusing parties. He decided haw serious the charges would be and then commented. Those charges were against Justice Thomas.


JoKingston22: If this is accurate then I believe they should lose everything and be exiled they same way Edward and Wallis were exiled. Never to return to England and now that the info is out publicly, the Markle extended family members should go on the attack on behalf of Thomas.


SaltWireNetwork: Lina Boudreau, Meghan Blanchard and Thomas Webb, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald to perform in Mont-Carmel Aug. 14 | SaltWire

MetalheadFin: I don’t think Hush will actually show up, but there is a very clear potential for Thomas Elliot to appear at the very least. In the public consciousness, Thomas Wayne has Edward Elliot killed, and Edward could’ve had a kid

terror_exe: thomas jopson/edward little, crack, soul-expanding, 1000 of Ned Little’s unread emails, love-making

SortaScouse: > Bachmann Peter Sam painted as Edward Thomas ... please no

btg_updates: Heres a different type of poll, this time for engine liveries! If James was painted blue would he have black wheels like in An Engine Of Many Colors or blue wheels like Thomas, Edward, and Gordon?

mtracey: Expect a swift public rehabilitation of the Espionage Act, previously known as one of the most pernicious laws on the books: used to prosecute Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg and others. Now it'll become a benevolent tool of Preserving Democracy™

edwardno02: I check Thomas’s French dub and I didn't expect this voice coming out of Edward’s mouth

sethbricked: So, here are my thoughts: Thomas: LBSCR E2 (simple) Edward: LMS 2P Henry: LNER C2 Atlantic (large boiler) Gordon: GNR A1 James: LMS 3F (tender engine) or LNER J36 Percy: GWR Trojan Toby: LNER J70 Duck: GWR 2721 Donald and Douglas: Caledonian railway class 652 Oliver: GWR 5800


WeberNorm: Shooting a 310 at Fox Den GC, St. Edward golf is led by Thomas Marshall with a 72

ProenzaColes: Edward Roye was born in Ohio in 1815. He moved to Liberia with his family in 1846 where he became president in 1870. This portrait of Edward Roye was made in 1864 by Thomas Sully.

irishbrigadeww: Fusilier Edward Graham was killed alongside Lt William Bolton & Fusilier Thomas Baybutt on the morning of 13th August 1943 when on patrol north of Maletto. It took Edward's twin sons 74 years before they could visit their father's final resting place.

audediaboli: trying this again! not new to comic twt but looking for moots/mutuals! -moonknight -daredevil -bullseye -invincible -radiant black/red -mandalorian -darth vader -antman -the riddler/edward nygma -two face/harvey -blue beetle -red hood -duke thomas -nightwing like/rt to be!

kgosztola: Feels like a good night to shout into the ether: Free Daniel Hale. Pardon Reality Winner, Terry Albury, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, & Thomas Drake And drop the charges against Julian Assange.

PERSIZEE: Cal Thomas: Jill to Joe: It’s over

Matecacorp: I gotta say, the 2022 TWR stuff is pretty kickass! (Except Thomas and Toby. Sorry guys.) I bought Edward unexpectedly today and I have to say he exceeds all expectations. (See reply with comparisons to previous versions)

mitchjer03: There are copies of these, and much, much more available to be read or just admired in the Edward Thomas Study Centre at Petersfield Museum. Open Wednesday and Thursday or by appointment. We also have, in our archives, an original copy of 'Six Poems' from 1916.

ag_dauda: The meeting featured a discussion with the DG and his team of executives, inclusive of the Head of Administration and Human Resources, Mrs. Ronke Thomas, and the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Osaghie Edward.

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