Macdougal Street Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


As I went walking up and down to take the evening airA
Sweet to meet upon the street why must I be so shyB
I saw him lay his hand upon her torn black hairA
Little dirty Latin child let the lady byB
The women squatting on the stoops were slovenly and fatC
Lay me out in organdie lay me out in lawnD
And everywhere I stepped there was a baby or a catC
Lord God in Heaven will it never be dawnD
The fruit carts and clam carts were ribald as a fairA
Pink nets and wet shells trodden under heelE
She had haggled from the fruit man of his rotting wareA
I shall never get to sleep the way I feelE
He walked like a king through the filth and the clutterF
Sweet to meet upon the street why did you glance me byB
But he caught the quaint Italian quip she flung him from the gutterF
What can there be to cry about that I should lie and cryB
He laid his darling hand upon her little black headG
I wish I were a ragged child with ear rings in my earsH
And he said she was a baggage to have said what she had saidG
Truly I shall be ill unless I stop these tearsI

Edna St. Vincent Millay


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ibiba Ibinabo tamunominji: So sorrowful.
ibiba Ibinabo tamunominji: So sorrowful.
ibiba Ibinabo tamunominji: So sorrowful.

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