The Maiden's Prayer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: ABAB ACAC ADAD

SPRING pretty Spring what treasure do you bring to meA
Green grass and buttercups cherry bloom and mayB
Sunshine to be glad with me and little birds to sing to meA
Warm nests to call me along the woodland wayB
Spring happy Spring what wonder will you do for meA
Light the tulip lanterns and set the furze a fireC
Fill your sky with sails of cloud on waves of living blue for meA
Show me green cornfields and budding of the briarC
Spring darling Spring my days will not return to meA
You who see them fleeting you all time aboveD
You who move the whole world's heart ah move one heart to turn to meA
Bring me a lover and teach me how to loveD

Edith Nesbit


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