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barrowbransxn: downtons m/f non romantic relationships>>> tom being a brother to edith and mary, charles blake being a wingman for mabel and mary, most of the downstairs women having a soft spot for thomas, etc etc they’re so fun

Andrewnsnyder: I'm working on the first post now. In his first letter, Tolkien writes to his "Edith darling," to whom he was then engaged, "You do write splendid letters to me, little one; I am such a pig to you though." He really did esteem her as his Lúthien.

TheresaHeckaman: I’m not sure I could ever come up with a comprehensive list. But off the top of my head: St. Therese, Pier Giorgi, Edith Stein, Philip Neri, St. Thomas More, Giuseppe Moscati, Jean Vianney, John Bosco. Sigh, longing for heaven…

AJRefugeeVoices: Edith Argy, Vienna, 1938: "I knew we had to get out. But where? This is why I’m so sorry for the refugees now, because I know what it means to be desperate. I know what it means to be frightened. I didn’t know what to do. My uncle put an advertisement in a British paper…" 1/8

DarkHorrorTales: After Edith marries Thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to Crimson Peak. Crimson Peak - My take on the movie with spoilers!

fake_redrose: I'm so random tonight. Still in progress Thomas & Edith.

ThinSkinFatDude: Idea: "all the family" reboot but where Archie and Edith are liberal boomers and meathead is an alt right christian nationalist. I'm not sure who Maud would be, but I definitely see George Jefferson as a big fan of Clarence Thomas.

DarkHorrorTales: After Edith marries Thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to Crimson Peak. CRIMSON PEAK

DarkHorrorTales: After Edith marries Thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to Crimson Peak. CRIMSON PEAK

Tonyphotographs: I’m gonna have, Juan, Edith, Dana, Espina, Thomas, Sommers, Miranda, and myself all I’m one room in a couple days. When I tell you it’s going to be the best chaotic mess.

DarkHorrorTales: After Edith marries Thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to Crimson Peak. CRIMSON PEAK

pixidvstt2: Bro if it turns out that Thomas actually loves Edith I'm gonna cry They are so cute together

mythical_cap: I’m 100% sure Theo Sharpe from Bridgerton s2 is Thomas Sharpe and Edith Cushing’s love child she had after Thomas died and had to raise alone, with nothing of Thomas remaining except Theo who she loves but also despises sometimes because he’s a reminder of what she had and lost.

theghostxwriter: Non quite relative info, I took another Buzzfeed test about Downton and I'm a mix between Lady Violet and Thomas Barrow and I won't lie I'm a SO VERY PLEASED with the result. (I'd love a Edith/Anna pair up but >>)

vicdeangelisss: Thomas is cooking today pt 2

vicdeangelisss: Thomas is cooking today

DarkHorrorTales: After Edith marries Thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to Crimson Peak.

DiluzioJames: Friday Night Young at Heart: Mrs Kris Kringle by Edith M. Thomas (1854-1925) and A Christmas Folk Song by Lizette Woodworth Reese (1856-1935)

rb2225: Chase National Bank, New York Thomas F. Ryan Paul Warburg William Rockefeller Levi P. Morton M.T. Pyne George F. Baker Percy Pyne Mrs. G.F. St. George J.W. Sterling Katherine St. George H.P. Davidson J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life) Edith Brevour T. Baker (Reference 4

EustaceStJames: Thomas Edith Wambsgans, did you ask if Logan Roy needed you to "hold the scepter"?! I'm dead. This show is amazing.

1937skateparks: i’m so proud of moseley right now. but god. thomas. edith. jesus. i . literally what is happening. so much is happening right now in this singular episode

minjisblossom: crimson peak spoilers (nik look away) • • • • i'm sad thomas had to d*e i wish he lived and he and edith could leave the house and be free from his sister

WhatMadeUs: I'm in the middle of season 6 (the last season) of Downton Abbey & I've just picked up that there was no c/ter arc or development for Mary. She's basically the same person from Season 1, whereas Edith, Tom, Lord Grantham, Anna, Thomas etc have all grown & changed.

dancyingloki: thomas poisoning edith I'm sorry :(

HeiressCushing: "Thomas, Thomas, I'm here, the doctors are going to save you please, live " taking a hold of his hand her eyes never leaving his own, Edith vowed staying with her husband until he was well to travel, they would return to America or London but away from the evil that had

lokiedlani: Also stop no cause Thomas 10000% fancied Edith but fell in love with her cause of her writing and spirit and I’m crying cause he just wanted love and hope and loveliness

Thewarning9: "All that we do is a means to an end, but love is an end in itself, because God is love." St. Edith Stein

MaxEMcMorrow: 14. I think Crimson Peak should have ended in a Lucille/Edith/Thomas throuple situation and I think I'm incredibly valid for that

OfCrimsonSharpe: "I'm so sorry, Edith. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." Thomas clings to her.

FranciscanMedia: The Life and Legacy of Edith Stein

HoneyKanSola: Plus, I'm a loser so sometimes I read ahead for what's going to happen with certain shows. So I've read ahead - Bates' legal troubles (again), Edith STILL gets the short end of the stick (apparently, Mary's a bitch), Isis dies... (Does/Can Thomas please die?!!!)

ClarissaDeLune: The finale sweet but I'm disappointed in the lack of endgame romantic interests for Tom & especially for Thomas. Ok that they developed Mary's & Edith's, but as we seen in the first eps, Thomas's wound isn't not ascending in his job, but his loneliness & wish for romantic bond.

hvnglow: this episode makes me so happy you’ve got rose home with atticus daisy and andy falling for each other banna baby at the end edith and berties wedding and thomas coming back to downton at the end i’m so happy

valyriaas: i know there’s so much more afoot i know thomas is using edith for something but i’m obsessed with them

the_book_bitch: I’m rewatching Downton Abbey and my hatred for Lady Edith never ends. She’s up there with Thomas and O’Brien

Lexxielizzie: I'm doubling down on my reading that Thomas Sharpe wanted a ghostbuster and specifically switched from Eunice to Edith for her fiction detective abilities.

chellebean316: Since this has turned into a thread about Crimson Peak, let me be the first to say that if I’m as beautiful as Edith and I marry someone as handsome as Thomas, there’s no way that marriage isn’t getting consummated ASAP.

MadamAntha: i’m sorry did sir thomas just murder edith’s father

FrDavidPalmer: Tomorrow is St George’s day. I’m all for a big celebration of our patron Saint, but which Saint (with an actual connection to England) would you choose if we didn’t have him. For me any of: St Alban, St Edmund, St Edith of Wilton or St Thomas More.

rjph91: Superb vitriol from Edith Sitwell in the book I'm copy-editing: '...when Mr Thomas and I want to be taught our job by somebody who writes in the 'Poetry Review' we will make the request. I would sooner ask a writer in the 'Poultry Gazette' to teach me to train eagles to fly.'

CapitolBeatOK: Edith M. Lederer, The Associated Press, “Biden pick for U.N. post calls China ‘a strategic adversary’,” January 27, 2021

carmelitequotes: Five years after she began teaching at the Dominican college and high school in Speyer, St. Edith Stein shares that “to worship God by doing scholarly research” was something she learned while translating St. Thomas Aquinas!

jenniferellis04: alright series 5 update: tbh Idk how to feel about the Thomas storyline and Edith storyline— like I’m supposed to have sympathy for these characters but they’ve been so terrible the entire show ⁉️

KarenSloan: "She throws a web upon the air and soon ’Tis caught and lifted by the willing breezes, Then, freed from trouble in her light balloon, Our spinner travels wheresoe’re she pleases." - Edith M. Thomas The Real Fairy Folk - Louise Jamison, 1912

Vault_Fiction: Thankfully I’m done with Thomas Hardy and my eternal loathing for Bathsheba for a lil while and have the next three weeks dedicated to Edith Wharton’s Custom of the Country. From only the blurb, Undine seems like more my kinda bitch.

carmelnunsgb: Today in England we celebrate the liturgical Feast of St John Henry Newman for the first time. Did you know that St Edith Stein was the first to translate Newman's letters and diaries into German? She also translated The Idea of a University. Read more:

Fact: Thomas Edison taught his second wife Morse code so they could communicate secretly by tapping into each other's hands when family was around

froomkin: Came from WH counsel's office. Clerked for Edith Jones and Clarence Thomas. I'm thinking this is not quitting under protest.

Thejacqueline3: I’m done. I’m back to reading the classics: Hemingway, Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Thomas Hardy, Edith Wharton, Jane Austen, Emma Dickinson

CapnEasychord: TGIF: Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, Fluisteraars, Craig David, Edith Frost, Justin Timberlake, Pottery, SAULT, Michael Chapman, Virtual Mage, Bill Callahan, 100 gecs, Biffy Clyro, Inter Arma, Black Noi$e, Mount Eerie, Bing & Ruth, Pallbearer, The Vaselines, Gang Of Four, R.E.M.

CatholicSat: Today is the Feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. A German philosopher, born Edith Stein into an observant Jewish family, she converted to Catholicism, and later became a Carmelite nun, and suffered martyrdom in a gas chamber at Auschwitz on this date in 1942 Ora pro nobis

b_fink: Listen: we've named all of our children after Catholic saints. We love you St. Edith Stein & St. Therese, & Gabriel & St. Joseph, & St. Thomas Aquinas & St. Augustine, & St. Dominic... ...but I'm telling you what: Blessed Solanus Casey is an absolute ROCK STAR! Pray for us!

carmelnunsgb: St Edith Stein: "Prayer is the communication of the soul with God. God is love, and love is goodness giving itself away. It is a fullness of being that does not want to remain enclosed in itself, but rather to share itself with others."

tweets_blu: Hello. I'm here to say that Edith and Thomas together from Crimson Peak deserved more screentime. Thank you for coming to my Ted tech.

LucyBRCarter: It doesn’t matter how “late to the party” you are- love is love and I love Downton Abbey. I finished it last night and I’m going to miss all those characters terribly. Edith, Thomas, Mrs Patmore. You all deserved the best ❤️ (yes, still crying)

altphi: What is Being? (from a book I'm reading now called Knowledge and Faith by St Edith Stein in which is an imagined dialogue Between St. Thomas and Edmund Husserl).

onwurd: Tune in to Physicians On Air today at 2:00pm to hear from medical experts about why Covid-19 is hitting the Black community so hard. Join guest, Edith Mitchell, M.D., Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital oncologist and Director of the Center to Eliminate Cancer Disparities.

Pitmastonschool: Happy birthday to the following children who are celebrating their birthday this week: Florence R - Rec, Thomas D - Y1, Phurin K - Y5, Ava D- Y6, Ethan H - Y4 Finley M - Y6, Amber R - Y1, Edith H - Rec, Thomas R - Y2. Sending you all lots of love xxx

adoorlessopen: okay for my own independent assessment: characters i'm most like personality wise: mrs huges, edith, anna probably characters i relate to the most: thomas, daisy, sybil

atticshape: top five Downton Abbey characters ??? — Thomas, Matthew, Mary, Tom, Daisy... i’m very predictable. oh also Rose and Sybil and Edith

vinabean: OK, so I just finished the first episode of Downton Abbey. Initial thoughts: - O’Brien need her ass beat - Thomas can get these hands too - Edith is messy; I’m here for it - I love Bates and I’m very protective - Everyone is ableist - Except Anna; she’s not ableist - Cute dog


OU_Library: I'm all ears! Boudicca Freddie Mercury Douglas Adams Ada Lovelace Dylan Thomas Alan Turing Sylvia Plath Jimi Hendrix Amy Johnson Edith Cavell Are a few of the people in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography's 'Listen to a Life' podcast collection:

RainOnMySkin: i'm on s6 now and i already know the hurt that will come, every episode has been worse tbh (Thomas needs a hug ffs) and it's not the best show ever. but i just realised how much i came to love Edith and that makes me happy

DoinaBadescu: TOUCHING HEARTS: TALKING IN THEIR SLEEP - by Edith M. Thomas...

Eric_M_Murphy: "...I know I must be tired (and tired souls err)— I know I must be tired, for all my soul To deeds of daring beats a glad, faint roll, As storms the riven pine to music stir..." --Edith Matilda Thomas

Codexly: Books now in the public domain include: Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain E.M. Forster, A Passage to India Edith Wharton, Old New York (four novellas) A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young Hugh Lofting, Doctor Dolittle’s Circus Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan and the Ant Men

Rachael1918: I'm watching Crimson Peak for the first time in years and while it's gorgeous and fascinatingly layered it doesn't quite work for me because I don't fully buy into the romance between Thomas and Edith. The writing and aesthetics are there, but the chemistry isn't.

LarryGlickman: Here's an 1889 poem by Edith M. Thomas about a wine cave.

hellothisisivan: Watching the 1983 Shades of Darkness adaptation of Edith Wharton’s Bewitched, which reunites Alfred Burke & Ray Smith from Public Eye, alongside Eileen Atkins, Alfred Lynch & Gareth Thomas. Quite a cast

carseycritter: So I’m watching Downton Abbey 5 years after everyone else. I have so many questions. I mean, is Edith always a horrible bitch or no? Does Thomas get a redemption arc or die a horrible death (hoping for the latter tbh)?

KingTHiddy: the fact tom hiddleston looked at me like thomas sharpe looked at edith when he said 'you're so different' just makes me -

kayleesi16: FINAL Downton Abbey Update: I've finished the series and I'm glad Edith got a happy ending, I'm mad that I'm happy Thomas is back at Downton, but I'm even angrier that Mary is happy in the end because SHE WAS SO MEAN FROM DAY ONE (haven't seen the movie, yet)

sashanoodles: Lady Edith only wearing underwear: hot. We were blessed. Richard Ellis: superb. Amazing. He’s such a good match for Thomas?? They’re such a cunning power couple. I’m in love with them.

AngelSeesLight: I’m completely obsessed with Downton Abbey and have been for many years. The development of the characters, the witty lines, the music, the complex characters of Thomas Barrow and Lady Edith. Thomas, you feel his pain at being a gay man then and Edith her pain at being invisible

DoinaBadescu: TOUCHING HEARTS: THE KIND OLD OAK - by Edith M. Thomas

FutureHelene: What's Thomas Barrow's zodiac sign? I'm pretty sure Sybil's a Cancer, Mary's a Leo, and Edith's a Gemini, also Tom Branson is a Taurus.

matt_pc: obviously i will be seeing the sure-to-be-terrible movie. what i'm hoping for: • an elaborate death scene from the dowager countess • evil gay thomas finally getting some • mary continuing to be ruthlessly mean to edith • cousin matthew returning as a ghost or haunted car

hunterplummer: I'm confident no one else at that screening would be there for the same reason I'd be there: to scream about newspaper editor Edith, applaud Thomas finally getting his romance, and throw things at the screen every time Bates says anything sanctimonious.

yourdailyjewels: Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit Among the Pennsylvania Germans by Edith M. Thomas, with illustrations. Published in 1915 via /r/FreeEBOOKS

dakotathirst: Édith Thomas lost her virginity when she was 32 and said “I’m like a whore in so far as all men are the same to me: I cannot love any of them”

PSN_ElectricDC: 1. What Remains of Edith Finch 2. Shovel Knight 3. Rogue Legacy 4. Super Meat Boy 5. Thomas Was Alone 6. Slime Rancher 7. Bastion 8. Battleblock Theater 9. Undertale 10. Stardew Valley I know I’m forgetting some favs

Blueberryme88: I love this show and I'm not ashamed, dude have you seen the drama and the outfits? I live for that. And for Maggie Smith. And for my trash son Thomas. And Edith my child.

fangirldilemma: Important things about this trailer: 1) Edith and Anna both appear to be smiling in every shot. This leads me to believe neither’s happiness will be completely obliterated. GOOD 2) Mary recruiting Carson will make me sob 3) THOMAS BARROW HAS A BOYFRIEND!

arttiole: as fine as sir thomas is i don't trust him, he's so sketchy and i'm betting he's plotting to hurt edith somehow

infinxtyonhigh: it's Thomas Sharpe's birthday really?wow i'm so sad, he deserved to be happy with Edith but sadly he couldn't, he deserved so much better, anyways happy birthday, i miss you boy

BamaClaus: Thomas has sabotaged O'Brien's nephew and now they're enemies, so this'll be fun. I do like that guy Edith is inte...

FrontNeurosci: High-Altitude Cognitive Impairment Is Prevented by Enriched Environment Including Exercise via VEGF Signaling: Chri...

besidetheriver: What The Pine Trees Said By Edith M. Thomas I heard the swaying pine trees speak, As I went down the glen: "Next y...

Lohian: TALKING IN THEIR SLEEP (1885) Poem by Edith M Thomas "You think I am dead," The apple tree said, "Because I...

mcgarrygirl78: My Kindle veins with everything from Alice Walker to Edith Wharton to Thomas Harris and Robert B. Parker. I'd love...

YTAudioBooks: What The Pine Trees Said | Edith M. Thomas | Multi-version (Weekly and Fortnightly poetry), Poetry:

kkcomenta: "Where are you now? Atlantis Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now? Another dream The monster's running wil...

soIokjm: When Thomas is talking Edith & says "I'm not done yet" ya girl kneeled

finaIizer: tomorrow's halloween i'm gonna rewatch crimson peak bc i love my kids edith and thomas goodnight

ShimaRinoa: .Crimson Peak. Sad ending but I'm glad Edith and Thomas finally fell in love with each other even though they can't be together (╥﹏╥)

AshelyTinsley: Edith Thomas: "I'm looking to have some friendly chat with guys."

RebbecaHospkin1: Edith Thomas: "I'm looking for someone who can be my best friend, partner in life and lover."...

TyryshkinaNina: Edith Thomas: "I'm ready to control you for the nighttime you better be ready,"

_jaded_eyes_: "The past...Thomas, you're always looking to the past. You wont find me there, I'm here" -Edith. CP

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