Who is Edith M. Thomas

Edith Matilda Thomas (August 12, 1854 – September 13, 1925) was an American poet who "was one of the first poets to capture successfully the excitement of the modern city."

Life Born in Chatham Center, Ohio, Edith Thomas was educated at the normal school of Geneva, Ohio, and attended Oberlin College (though she had to drop out). She taught school for two years, and then became a typesetter.

She began writing early for the local newspapers, then was encouraged by author Helen Hunt Jackson to send verse to more important periodicals. She "gained national attention with her poetry.... Scribner's, The Atlantic Monthly, The Century and other prominent magazines published her poems." Jackson's "enthusiasitic endorsement produced almost immediate l...
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Edith M. Thomas Poems

  • Talking In Their Sleep
    “You think I am dead,”
    The apple tree said,
    “Because I have never a leaf to show-
    Because I stoop,...
  • Winter Sleep
    I know it must be winter (though I sleep)-
    I know it must be winter, for I dream
    I dip my bare feet in the running stream,
    And flowers are many, and the grass grows deep....
  • The Inverted Torch
    Threading a darksome passage all alone,
    The taper's flame, by envious current blown,
    Crouched low, and eddied round, as in affright,
    So challenged by the vast and hostile night,...
  • Frost To-night
    Apple-green west and an orange bar,
    And the crystal eye of a lone, one star . . .
    And, “Child, take the shears and cut what you will,
    Frost to-night-so clear and dead-still.”...
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  • Tonyphotographs: i’m gonna have, juan, edith, dana, espina, thomas, sommers, miranda, and myself all i’m one room in a couple days. when i tell you it’s going to be the best chaotic mess.
  • Darkhorrortales: after edith marries thomas, she realizes why her mother's ghost had warned her to never go to crimson peak. crimson peak
  • Pixidvstt2: bro if it turns out that thomas actually loves edith i'm gonna cry they are so cute together
  • Mythical_cap: i’m 100% sure theo sharpe from bridgerton s2 is thomas sharpe and edith cushing’s love child she had after thomas died and had to raise alone, with nothing of thomas remaining except theo who she loves but also despises sometimes because he’s a reminder of what she had and lost.
  • Theghostxwriter: non quite relative info, i took another buzzfeed test about downton and i'm a mix between lady violet and thomas barrow and i won't lie i'm a so very pleased with the result. (i'd love a edith/anna pair up but >>)
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