Who is Eunice Tietjens

Eunice Tietjens (July 29, 1884 – September 6, 1944) was an American poet, novelist, journalist, children's author, lecturer, and editor.

Early years and education

Eunice Strong Hammond was born in Chicago on July 29, 1884. She was educated in Europe and traveled extensively. She lived in Florida, New York City, Japan, China, Tahiti and Tunisia, among other places.


Tietjens was a World War I correspondent for the Chicago Daily News in France, in 1917 and 1918. Her poems had already begun to be published in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, the noted poetry magazine, around 1913. She later became publisher Harriet Monroe's associate editor there for more than twenty-five years.

Tietjens was considered a more patient and generous ...
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Eunice Tietjens Poems

  • The Most-sacred Mountain
    Space, and the twelve clean winds of heaven,
    And this sharp exultation, like a cry, after the slow six thousand
    steps of climbing!
    This is Tai Shan, the beautiful, the most holy....
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World 1 Slow 1 Brown 1 Plain 1 Place 1 Eternity 1 White 1 Earth 1 Blue 1 Soul 1

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Comments about Eunice Tietjens

Invitinghistory: "gloria mundi," a poem about the titanic published by eunice tietjens in 1914. it was described by a contemporary: "many efforts have been made to put into poetry the titanic disaster, but none of them, it seems to us, has had any more poetic value than is found in this..."
Book_addict: happy birthday to writer and poet eunice tietjens (july 29, 1884), author of “profiles from china“(1917) et al.
Scottandpark: brooks won the pulitzer prize in poetry for annie allen, making her the first african american to win the coveted pulitzer. other honors received throughout her lifetime include poetry magazine's eunice tietjens prize.
Womantoday2: during this time, rich also received the eunice tietjens memorial prize from poetry magazine. rich and conrad hosted anti-war and black panther fundraising parties at their apartment. 19/
Jeannieloyd: vintage 1930s the gingerbread boy, pictures nina jordan, classic fairy tale, by eunice tietjens, nursery decor, children's stories, whitman
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