Mary Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The angel of self discipline her guardianA
Since she first knew and had to go awayB
From home that spring to have her child with strangersC
Sustained her till the vanished boy next doorD
And her ordeal seemed fiction and the trueE
Her mother's firm insistence she was the motherF
And the neighbors' acquiescence So she taught schoolG
Walking a mile each way to ride the street carH
First books of the Aeneid known by heartI
French and the French Club Wednesday afternoonJ
Then summer replacement typist in an officeK
Her sister's family moving in with themL
Depression years and she the only earnerF
Saturday football game and opera broadcastsM
Sunday staying at home to wash her hairN
The Business Women's Circle Monday nightO
And for a treat birthdays and holidaysP
Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonaldQ
The young blond sister long since gone to collegeR
Nephew and nieces gone her mother deadS
Instead of Caesar having to teach First AidT
The students rowdy she retired The rentU
For the empty rooms she gave to Thornwell OrphanageV
Unwed Mothers Temperance and Foster ParentsW
And never bought the car she meant to buyX
Too blind at last to do much more than sitY
All day in the antique glider on the porchZ
Listening to cars pass up and down the streetA2
Each summer on the grass behind the houseB2
Cape jasmine with its scent of August nightsC2
Humid and warm the soft magnolia bloomD2
Marked lightly by a slow brown stain she spreadS
For airing the same small intense collectionA
Concert programs worn trophies years of yearbooksE2
Letters from schoolgirl chums bracelets of hairN
And the same picture black hair in a bunA
Puzzled eyes in an oval face as youngF2
Or old as innocence skirt to the groundG2
And seated on the high school steps the classH2
The ones to whom she would have said quot SeigneurN
Donnez nous la force de supporterN
La peine quot as an example easy to rememberN
Formal imperative object first person pluralI2

Edgar Bowers


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