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How often we forget all time when loneA
Admiring Nature's universal throneA
Her woods her wilds her mountains the intenseB
Reply of HERS to OUR intelligence BYRON The IslandC
In youth have I known one with whom the EarthD
In secret communing held as he with itE
In daylight and in beauty from his birthD
Whose fervid flickering torch of life was litE
From the sun and stars whence he had drawn forthF
A passionate light such for his spirit was fitE
And yet that spirit knew not in the hourG
Of its own fervor what had o'er it powerG
Perhaps it may be that my mind is wroughtH
To a fever by the moonbeam that hangs o'erG
But I will half believe that wild light fraughtH
With more of sovereignty than ancient loreI
Hath ever told or is it of a thoughtH
The unembodied essence and no moreI
That with a quickening spell doth o'er us passJ
As dew of the night time o'er the summer grassJ
Doth o'er us pass when as th' expanding eye-
To the loved object so the tear to the lidK
Will start which lately slept in apathyL
And yet it need not be that object hidK
From us in life but common which doth lie-
Each hour before us but then only bidK
With a strange sound as of a harp string brokenM
To awake us 'Tis a symbol and a tokenM
Of what in other worlds shall be and givenM
In beauty by our God to those aloneA
Who otherwise would fall from life and HeavenM
Drawn by their heart's passion and that toneA
That high tone of the spirit which hath strivenM
Tho' not with Faith with godliness whose throneA
With desperate energy 't hath beaten downN
Wearing its own deep feeling as a crownN

Edgar Allan Poe


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