Treasures Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Some folks I know when friends drop inA
To visit for awhile and chinA
Just lead them round the rooms and hallsB
And show them pictures on their wallsB
And point to rugs and tapestriesC
The works of men across the seasC
Their loving cups they show with prideD
To eyes that soon are stretching wideD
With wonder at the treasures rareE
That have been bought and gathered thereE
But when folks come to call on meF
I've no such things for them to seeF
No picture on my walls is greatG
I have no ancient family plateG
No tapestry of rare designH
Or costly woven rugs are mineH
I have no loving cup to showI
Or strange and valued curioI
But if my treasures they would seeF
I bid them softly follow meF
And then I lead them up the stairsJ
Through trains of cars and Teddy bearsJ
And to a little room we creepK
Where both my youngsters lie asleepK
Close locked in one another's armsL
I let them gaze upon their charmsL
I let them see the legs of brownM
Curled up beneath a sleeping gownM
And whisper in my happinessN
'Behold the treasures I possess '-

Edgar Albert Guest


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