The Real Bait Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To gentle ways I am inclinedA
I have no wish to killB
To creatures dumb I would be kindA
I like them all but stillB
Right now I think I'd like to beC
Beside some rippling brookD
And grab a worm I'd brought with meC
And slip him on a hookD
I'd like to put my hand once moreE
Into a rusty canF
And turn those squirmy creatures o'erG
Like nuggets in a panF
And for a big one once againH
With eager eyes I'd lookD
As did a boy I knew and thenH
Impale it on a hookD
I've had my share of fishing joyI
I've fished with patent baitJ
With chub and minnow but the boyI
Is lord of sport's estateJ
And no such pleasure comes to manF
So rare as when he tookD
A worm from a tomato canF
And slipped it on a hookD
I'd like to gaze with glowing eyesK
Upon that precious baitJ
To view each fat worm as a prizeK
To be accounted greatJ
And though I've passed from boyhood's termL
And opened age's bookD
I still would like to put a wormL
That wriggled on a hookD

Edgar Albert Guest


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