The Neighborly Man Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Some are eager to be famous some are strivingA
to be greatB
Some are toiling to be leaders of their nationC
or their stateB
And in every man's ambition if we only understoodD
There is much that's fine and splendid everyE
hope is mostly goodD
So I cling unto the notion that contented IF
will beE
If the men upon life's pathway find a neededG
friend in meE
I rather like to putter 'round the walks andH
yards of lifeI
To spray at night the roses that are burned andH
browned with strifeI
To eat a frugal dinner but always to have aJ
For the unexpected stranger that my simpleL
meal would shareK
I don't care to be a traveler I would rather beE
the oneC
Sitting calmly by the roadside helping wearyE
travelers onM
I'd like to be a neighbor in the good old fashioned wayN
Finding much to do for others but not overO
much to sayN
I like to read the papers but I do not yearnP
to seeE
What the journal of the morning has beenQ
moved to say of meE
In the silences and shadows I would live myF
life and dieF
And depend for fond remembrance on someR
grateful passers byF
I guess I wasn't fashioned for the brilliantS
things of earthT
Wasn't gifted much with talent or designed forU
special worthT
But was just sent here to putter with life's littleL
odds and endsV
And keep a simple corner where the stirringA
highway bendsV
And if folks should chance to linger worn andH
weary through the dayN
To do some needed service and to cheer themW
on their wayN

Edgar Albert Guest


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