He Earned His Way Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


rose unto the bights of fameA
And with the great men stoodB
He heard the people cheer his nameA
And speak of him as goodB
Success at last he had attainedC
By toiling day by dayD
His father's name was unprofanedD
His crest of honor was unstainedD
He earned his wayD
He had not sought the easy roadD
Nor tried a doubtful schemeE
But he had borne his heavy loadD
Up hill and over streamE
He had not stooped to do a wrongF
That might not be unlearnedD
But though the way at times seemed longF
He plodded on with courage strongF
And every victory earnedD
He heard men whisper in the nightD
That venturing disgraceG
And stepping from the path of rightD
But hiding every traceG
Were all he had to do to winH
That honor could be feignedD
But still he kept a lifted chinH
Filled with the holy thought withinH
To earn whate'er he gainedD
He rose unto the hights of fameA
And with the great men stoodD
He never compromised with shameA
Nor bartered what was goodD
With head erect he toiled alongF
With clean hands for the frayD
He heard the gossip of the throngF
That many profited by wrongF
But earned his wayD

Edgar Albert Guest


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