Being Dad On Christmas Eve Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


They've hung their stockings up with careA
And I am in my old arm chairA
And mother's busy dragging outB
The parcels hidden all aboutB
Within a corner gaunt to seeC
There stands a barren Christmas treeC
But soon upon its branches greenD
A burst of splendor will be seenD
And when the busy tongues grow stillE
That now are wagging with a willE
Above me as I sit and restF
I shall be at my happiestG
The greatest joy man can receiveH
Is being Dad on Christmas eveH
Soon I shall toil with tinsel brightI
Place here and there a colored lightI
And wheresoe'er my fingers lieJ
To morrow shall a youngster spyJ
Some wonder gift or magic toyK
To fill his little soul with joyK
The stockings on the mantle pieceL
I'll bulge with sweets till every creaseL
That marks them now is stretched awayM
There will be horns and drums to playM
And dolls to love For it's my taskN
To get for them the joys they askN
What greater charm can fortune weaveH
Than being Dad on Christmas eveH
With all their pomp great monarchs missO
The happiness of scenes like thisO
Rich halls to night are still and sadP
Because no little girl or ladP
Shall wake upon the morn to findQ
The joys that love has left behindQ
Oh I have had my share of woeR
Known what it is to bear a blowR
Shed sorrow's tears and stood to careA
When life seemed desolate and bareA
Yet here to night I smile and sayM
Worth while was all that came my wayM
For this one joy all else I'd leaveH
To be their Dad on Christmas eveH

Edgar Albert Guest


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