If I told you today that I got my eyes on you,
Would you let me have a crush on you?
Would you give me the chance to show you happiness?
A chance to show you light in your days of darkness
To show you what you'd miss without me?

If I told you today that I had crush on you,
Would you be ready to help me work on the probabilities of having you?
To have you all to myself,
To love and to cherish
To adore,admire and to complement
To hug,embrace and to cuddle
Would you show me you and me you?

And if I told you I love you,
Would I need a paragraph of words and sentences to coax you?
Or would "I love you" be enough?
Would I need a fat wallet
Or my heart,mind and soul to you would be all?
Would I have to take you round the world
Or take you round the deeper depths of happiness?
Would I need to wait for long to get a "Yes"
Or would your jubilant smile be an automated answer?
Would you take me for me
As I would for you?
Would you hold my hands in my days of pain, agony,poverty, illness and sorrow
Just like you would in my days of joy, wealth and health?

Would you?