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  • Crush
    To the lady I have my eyes set
    She who’s skin’s radiant,
    A heart so accommodating
    A voice so calming, ...
  • Truth
    I’ve heard, read and witnessed,
    The truth in white and red
    And now the future with you I dread
    Because eminent it is that my heart you will pound, ...
  • If I Told You
    If I told you today that I got my eyes on you,
    Would you let me have a crush on you?
    Would you give me the chance to show you happiness?
    A chance to show you light in your days of darkness ...
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  • …and in the days we cannot be strong, brave, courageous and happy, may the days we were, why we need to be and the people we need to be for, be the only reason for us to be.
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My pantry has a fish

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